Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila
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Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila

A Meticulous Quest for Luxury

Francesco Paszkowski Design | Margherita Casprini

Sanlorenzo 64 Steel Attila
By Redazione The Plan -

Attila, a name long associated with the fearsome 5th-Century King of the Huns, is also a design for a 64-m long luxury yacht that is a peak expression of Italian craftsmanship. The largest vessel in its fleet yet, the yacht was built by the Sanlorenzo Yachts shipyard, which has long been a nautical world leader.

Studio Francesco Paszkowski Design looked after the interior design. For 30 years, under the guidance of Francesco Paszkowski, the firm’s team of specialized designers and architects has supplied custom solutions for exteriors, interiors and décor. The yacht owner, who had previously worked with the practice on a smaller 46-m yacht, chose once again to rely on Francesco Paszkowski Design’s creativity for Attila’s layout and décor, working with Margherita Casprini. Weighing some 1,600 tonnes, the vessel qualifies as a large superyacht. An aficionado of the market, the owner meticulously followed the various design stages, seeking to create the atmosphere he enjoys on board through a large kitchen and numerous relaxation areas.

The main deck layout features the unusual characteristic of the entrance leading straight in via the food area. Optimizing space, layout and using a number of tech tricks, the main deck connects with the beach club area as if it were a single two-level space connected via a T-shaped staircase. The transparent glass panes used for some of the furnishings heighten room permeability, making it feel like being inside a single volume. The pool on the main deck is a perfect showcase of how elegant the boat’s design solutions are: reflections in the water provide a ceiling for the beach club room below. As well as its sofa with double inwards/outwards seating, the beach club area offers a hammam, sauna, massage room and central bar counter.

The main strength (and indeed hallmark) of the project is the vessel’s aft area, with its informal food zone located at the entrance to the main deck, connected with the beach club below.

Skillful use of materials conveys the sensations of welcome and sociality that the owner was so keen to pass on. Teak was chosen both for the furniture and skylights running the length of the boat; marble from places like Calacatta was used in guest areas, incorporating gold accents in the owner’s bathroom; steel was used for some details, and Shagreen leather for the tops of certain items of furniture.

The furnishings combine high-end Italian brands with
one-off pieces designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design, such as the coffee tables and two dining tables. The studio also looked after the lighting, artwork selection and giftware, an overall job that required great attention to detail on the Sanlorenzo Yachts shipyard’s flagship craft.

Client and Main Contractor: Sanlorenzo Yachts
Completion Date: 2019
Exterior Design: Officina Italiana Design
Interior Design: Francesco Paszkowski Design in collaboration with Margherita Casprini

Photography by Riccardo Borgenni, courtesy of Francesco Paszkowski Design and Sanlorenzo Yachts

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