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House Niederbayern, essentiality and sophistication

Liebel/Architekten BDA

Villa  /  Completed
Liebel/Architekten BDA

This compact house is divided into an open ground floor and an intimate upper storey. With windows on 2/3 sides, the living area opens out onto the surrounding garden and the terraces, which sit behind the copper façade and offer a gentle transition to the outside world . The private space on the first floor enjoys its own views. The punched-window façade projects magical patterns of light onto the first floor and the terraces, its openable elements offering generous views or creating an intimate retreat depending on the mood. The restricted number of materials used, including fair-faced screed and oak window frames, creates a subtle and understated living environment.


 286 mq
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Brigida González


Liebel/Architekten BDA was founded in 2000 by Bernd Liebel. It’s based in Aalen, Germany.
One main focus is on the sustainable design of buildings. The projects of Liebel/Architekten has received numerous, international architecture and sustainable architecture awards.
A total of 25 architects working on projects in these areas: residential, commercial, educational, care and office


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