ERPICUM - Golf, a "cave house" that fits under the slope of the land
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Golf, a "cave house" that fits under the slope of the land


Villa  /  Completed

Planted on the land of a lover of horses and nature, this annex perfectly intrudes into the landscape. "At the foot of the main house, a majestic park of 4 hectares, punctuated by some reliefs, whose view had to be preserved. We drew a “cave house” that would fit into the slope of the land to draw a perspective, in continuity." To marry with the vibrant colorimetry of the concrete, durable and timeless materials have been carefully selected: stone, metal and wood share the space. A thick wooden floor, composed of long douglass blades, draws a smooth transition with the outside. The interior walls were deliberately left raw. Their inertia contributes to the comfort of the occupants. On its neutral colour, a warm grey, the colours of the furniture slam and their graphic, round and organic shapes are drawn with perfection. Like a backdrop, the exposed and satin concrete highlights the other textures and materials, velvet or leather of the seat covers, veining of the wood of the storage, wool of the carpet, transparency of the glass of the coffee tabletop. The sharp lines of the library in wenge are close to those of the extension. Over time, concrete, which plays with light, will patina like wood. In the kitchen, quartzite slice panels, placed in an open book, are combined with wenge storage. In the project related to the well-being of the owners, the desire for an indoor pool was part of the specifications, as an office and a paint shop. The technology disappears, in the pond, where the simplicity of the swimming pool is imposed. And the language of modern architecture continues in the harmony of smooth plans and the accuracy of proportions that supplant decorum. While the space is animated by the different aspects of living surface and warm textures of concrete. "This is a philosophy that we have been applying for 20 years, through our various achievements, all over the world. The experimental implementation of concrete of perinea materials, including concrete, a natural sand-based material, is intimately linked to the typology of the site. Whether it dialogues with dunes, forest or rock, it can be delicate and silky, gravelly or sculptural exploded." And concrete, a so-called "poor" material, but so rich in meaning, which ages like the bark of the tree or the skin that tans, does without superfluous finishes while ensuring the stability of the building. The roof garden and promenade draw a simple line in the vegetation. The landscape architect Michel Delvosalle recomposed with the new original topography of the land, as if the new construction had always existed. While the main house, located not far from there, retains its impassive view of the pond.


 306 mq
 Thomas GILLET
 Jan Verlinde


An architectural project is worked out while answering a multitude of constraints, it acts to create an environment favourable for human activity. We all know that we do not only live thanks to some protéïnes which enable us to function : the quality of our life, the force of our memories, the importance of our interpersonal exchanges, the reading of the environment, all these moments wake up in us emotions.

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