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A house in Chengdu, where light and shadow flow in a quiet atmosphere


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With pure white as the background color of the space, the arc lines running through the space are like natural growth. Under the diffusion of sunlight, the magical power of light makes an unspeakable wonderful atmosphere ready to emerge. A holy field is presented in front of you. The "dream bubble" twists and turns lightly. With the refraction of light and shadow in the air, it is interspersed with free forms and jumps up a happy waltz. This is a natural design and inspiration. Under the sunshine, light and shadow are refracted and spread in the air and flow in a quiet atmosphere. Stainless steel is used to create a unique atmosphere in the hallway. A light and shadow corridor is like stepping into a dream story. The bubble full of magic color has made people have endless imagination, like a dream, extending and interpreting the dream experience. The steady dark brown wood color and white collide with sparks, overlapping the natural texture, dotted with the warmth and activity of the home, interspersed with clear and flexible landscape paintings. Poetry is dense in it, giving people the power of peace and tranquility. Tea utensils exude a clear, luxurious, elegant, restrained and natural charm. The texture of materials and the language of utensils endow the space with unique aesthetic temperament, poetic residence and quiet mind. The ingenious design method is used to break the heavy feeling of the conventional physical partition wall and introduce natural light. The four seasons outside the window linger in the whole space. The body walks and looks during the period, and integrates into the Oriental minimalist space composition. Vaguely, it makes the immersive time experience more intimate. Use the arc to outline the lightness and plain beauty of the fireplace, with infinite charm in detail. The beating fire and melodious music shape the rich scene of home. Recline on a comfortable lounge chair, blurred eyes. The master bedroom space is flowing with tranquility and light, calm and power, as romantic and meaningful as a long stream of water. Low saturation tone to create a clear and gentle dreamland, delicate and exquisite material matching presents rich visual feeling, and delicate warmth flows in the quiet air. In this project, we intend to intervene in the environment with humility. As an outsider, architecture listens to the sound of the environment and locates its standing posture - green building. Connected with the beauty of the surrounding natural environment. On the basis of the original villa building, optimize the indoor layout, increase the scope of windows, widely use the glass system to approach the nature to the greatest extent, and provide warm lighting for the space. Strive to simplify, open to the surrounding landscape, weaken the boundary between indoor and outdoor space, and the fluidity of window layout echoes with the geometry of surrounding buildings while introducing scenery. Cross ventilation enables natural climate regulation in the room. The arrangement of furniture follows the principle of flexibility and convertibility, creates a set of harmonious and dynamic relationship between space and people, and makes residents feel a calm atmosphere in a continuous flow. The project uses natural textures and natural materials such as wood, terrazzo, concrete, natural flax fibers and fabrics. Reduce unnecessary decorative modeling and build architectural space with a minimalist block surface relationship. Actively practice environmentally sustainable design, maintain an open attitude, and tend to strike a balance between the best solution, the preferences of residents and the characteristics of each specific space. In order to make the space more soft and pure visually, the whole project selects the original eco-friendly paint material, with a large area of soft warm white color and healthy eye protection. Curves and surfaces are widely used. Surfaces from various angles are recombined and superimposed to show an elegant radian. The arc shape on the top surface and the arched door opening on the wall show a sense of fluency visually, which is different from the rigid turning of straight-line shape, and the shape is more beautiful. The arch is made of GRG glass fiber reinforced gypsum board, which is a durable environmental protection material. The arch shape reduces the edge of dust accumulation, and can also scatter LED light to illuminate the whole space. Green plants help purify the air and increase the oxygen content of the air, and add natural color and life. We have planted many beautiful local plants around the villa building, courtyard and balcony, which can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air and regulate the local microclimate. An automatic sprinkler system is set to irrigate plants and automatically collect and store a certain amount of rainwater. Realize the recycling of water resources and the concept of environmental protection.


 Mrs Wang
 850 mq
 Zheng Jun
 Li Zixu, Fan Li
 Ao Xiang


Founded by Zheng jun in early 2011, GROWTO Design has been dedicated to interior design of private residences. 22 years experiences on lee led a group of love life, love design partners continue to study the real meaning and value of residential design, use scientific, professional design method with each owner design house that really belong to each family is unique, the omni-directional and multi-level meet each member in the home of the physical and mental, and emotional needs. From the design to the construction to the main material to the final landing in furniture soft decoration, every step, every detail has strict specifications and requirements. Through long-term accumulation, continuous perception of life, serious dedication to professional adhere to GROWTO. GROWTO Design high-end private house custom design is well known, GROWTO's works at home and abroad have been praised and won numerous design awards.

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