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Ecclesia, a place where to meditate the Holy Scriptures and celebrate the holy mysteries

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Temples, pyramids and cathedrals are built as the expression of the faith of a community. They are the symbol of a persistent longing for divine existence. Wherever there is a community, there is a sacred space. Rukomo, is a remote village situated in the upland of Rwanda. Rwanda offers a specific and special fragment beauty with its tropical forest, impetuous waterways and lush fields. Though Rwanda is the smallest sized country it is the most populated areas of the continent with abundant resources, fertile land and healthy climate. Rwanda has a significant topography, valleys and hills. Rwanda has its own history of two traditional groups sharing the mountain for centuries called the Tutsi (which became the patriotic front of hunters and warriors) and Hutu(farmers and gatherers). They were living peacefully together until there was tension raised between them by the European countries leading to shameful indifference. The Tutsi won but cost death of about 1million people. Rwanda is much stable now. The Rwanda economy is based on tea and coffee plantation. It also cultivates sorghum, potatoes and bananas. The subsoil of this country is rich with mineral resources. It contains gold, tungsten and a significant natural gas reserve. John 1:3 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. This belief of us human beings strengthens every time we see nature, it’s beautiful landscapes all over the surface of our planet as they make us connect with the sanctity of the creator. The Rwandan landscape is one of these kinds. Apart from the nature; the history, the culture, climate and community living inspires one to adapt a simple way of life. The design proposal respects the terrain of the site and is made responsive to the temperate climatic conditions due to the country’s geographical location on the equator. The land has been scooped to create subterranean spaces for passive cooling. To further enhance the microclimate created within the church, sufficient cross ventilation, skylights for natural light, water bodies for temperature control has provided which creates an ambience which is rich from the benefits extracted from nature itself. The inspiration from the Holy cross & the passion flower coming together, shapes the architecture of the church. The landscape is enhanced by creating a mandala-like pattern which has elements like walkable green roofs and ramps, amphi-theatres, community plazas for communal gatherings, flea markets, play areas adding to the experience where religion is worshipped as well as celebrated. The building-church is the place where to meditate the Holy Scriptures and celebrate the holy mysteries. • Community oriented. Making the building church a refuge and an expression of this community. • Landmark in itself for the area. • Spaces that the church will comprise of  Atrium- Entrance area of the church  Nave- the central area of the church- seating  Presbytery- administrative body representating the local of the district which is located right next to the nave(central seating area)  Altar- The most important element of the church located in the in the Presbytery. Has to be oriented towards the assembly.  Ambo- A place where the priest reads the Holy Scriptures.  Celebrant’s Chair- Have to read and understand this one. Not sure what it means maybe a choir space where the assembly can guide the community when not at the ambo or in altar.  Additional elements  Bell Tower  Sacristy - A sacristy is a room for keeping vestments and other church furnishings, sacred vessels, and parish records. In some countries, it is known as the vestry  Parvis- the entrance of the church.


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