Xucheng Feng - All-round anti-epidemic bus, an integrated solution for tests and vaccinations
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All-round anti-epidemic bus, an integrated solution for tests and vaccinations

Xucheng Feng

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Xucheng Feng

This product is called "ALL-ROUND ANTI-EPIDEMIC BUS". It intends to develop an integrated vehicle-mounted, openable anti-epidemic vehicle to solve the various deficiencies in COVID-19 virus testing and vaccination in remote residential areas. We hope to cooperate with international institutions such as the World Health Organization to promote our research results worldwide. ALL-ROUND ANTI-EPIDEMIC BUS can carry 9 people when driving, including 2 drivers and 7 medical staff, and the seat space is very spacious. When the BUS is parked in a suitable position, parts of the BUS body can be deployed in two sections from the right side to met the functions of vaccine injection and virus detection. ALL-ROUND ANTI-EPIDEMIC BUS adopts electric drive and has four main functions. First, as a BUS, it can drive to any place to start work. Second, it can provide citizens with COVID-19 virus testing services. People only need to register their names at the registration window and then go to the testing window on the right for virus testing. After completing the test, people can walk out of the BUS from the right door. Medical staff can complete virus testing within the BUS, upload the test results to the network and automatically send them to the tester. Third, it can provide citizens with COVID-19 vaccination services. People can go to the left window for vaccination after registering their names at the registration window. After completion, you can enter the observation room along the passage on the right, and wait for 30 minutes to leave from the exit on the right. Fourth, if people are unwell after the vaccine injection, or even more serious, the vehicle-mounted small ambulance in the observation room can drive the patient away quickly and go to the nearby hospital for first aid. In densely populated communities, the vehicle-mounted small ambulance can also serve as zero-hour COVID-19 monitoring points. In addition, the BUS also has its own toilet for use by the crew. Relying on the technical support of Tongji University's epidemic prevention and health team and CAUP's R&D team, this project investigated the current situation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention in various regions of China. We have found that China has achieved remarkable results in urban COVID-19 virus testing and vaccination, and the penetration rate has been quite high. However, in remote rural areas, hospitals or clinics are severely lacking, and traffic conditions and network coverage are far lower than those in cities. As a result, the timeliness of virus testing and the adequacy of vaccine supply cannot be guaranteed. Many temporary epidemic prevention areas will occupy the insufficient space of hospitals and clinics, which will affect other patients' visits. If such a situation exists for a long time, it will increase the risk of regional outbreaks. The main interior color of this ALL-ROUND ANTI-EPIDEMIC BUS is white, which is consistent with laboratory and hospital tones. But the ground is paved with wooden floors, which adds a relaxed feeling to the space. The exterior of BUS is mainly painted in gray, and the windows are made of black glass with different transparency, which increases the privacy of the interior and improves the sense of technology of the product. This project will have the potential to significantly improve the effectiveness of epidemic prevention in vast areas of China and ease the pressure of social governance on governments in remote areas. At the same time, this product will become an optional product for China to assist third world countries to fight against the COVID-19 virus, which will play a positive role in the fight against COVID-19 for all countries in the world.


 30 mq
 Xucheng Feng,Zhanhua Cui
 Shanghai CC Design Co., Ltd.


Shanghai CC Design Co., Ltd.
Tongji University

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