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The new life of Craig Ellwood’s 1965 Moore House

Woods + Dangaran

Renovation  /  Completed
Woods + Dangaran

New life has been given to Craig Ellwood’s 1965 Moore House with an exacting exterior restoration and an interior renovation, all while maintaining the integrity of the original design. What began as a request for a few cosmetic updates and a pool addition quickly became an all-in restoration as the team realized that the home’s shell – essentially a glass box – needed significant work. The existing door and window systems could not be repaired without compromising Ellwood’s original design intent, so all existing single-paned windows were updated with more energy conscious glazing, while preserving the optical quality, layout, and operating systems of the units. Deteriorating redwood siding—stained purple at some time in the 1980s or 90s—was replaced with new wood stained to match the natural, original redwood of the home’s exposed structural framing and cladding. Modern technologies, applied to the original 1965 systems, clarified the line of the architecture throughout the home. Updates to the HVAC system allowed for the relocation of the units to inconspicuous locations, replacing large metal vents with seamlessly integrated teak grills. Can lights, alarms and sensors were recessed and strengthen the impact of the low ceilings. In the 1,700 square foot home, efficiency of space was paramount. Modest alterations to the interior made the home much more livable. In the kitchen, relocating the cooktop improved the functionality of the room without disturbing the galley layout. Storage spaces for the guest bedroom and office were reapportioned to give more space to the guest bath, where all fixtures were relocated to one side of the room and a large skylight was added. The most extensive changes were made in the primary bath, where the entrances were relocated to lend both more privacy to the primary bedroom and to channel daylight from the hallway windows, and fixtures were relocated to facilitate the flow of foot traffic in the small space. When considering their needs for interior design, the clients wanted to be able to walk from the front door through the house without interruption, with no furniture blocking the path. An informed blend of customized contemporary (for instance, Wire Dining chairs by Overgaard & Dyrman, 2014; Group Armchairs by Philippe Malouin for SCP) and authentic mid-century pieces (George Nelson’s Comprehensive Storage System [CSS], 1959) are carefully scaled into the compact, open living area, simplifying circulation and creating comfort through aesthetically appropriate means. Throughout the home, cold white drywall and laminate were replaced with natural materials that elevate the experience of the home as they extend the intention of the original detailing. Honey-toned teak paneling, trimmed with black, lines every wall. Earth-toned ceramic tile, ribbed glass, dark marbles with golden veining, emerald granite, and brass-plated hardware all enrich the interior.


 Los Angeles
 United States
 157.9352 mq
 Woods + Dangaran
 Woods + Dangaran
 Landscape Architect: Chris Sosa; Structural and Civil Engineer: Labib Funk & Associates; Soils Engineer: Grover Hollingsworth and Associates
 Joe Fletcher


Many firms describe their work as “transformative”—architecture as an accomplished fact. At Woods + Dangaran, we create modern homes through dialogue and exploration. By collaborating closely with our clients throughout the design process, we are better able to inspire them with the finished product. By working closely with trusted tradespersons, we can deliver work that is uncompromising in craftsmanship.

Working across the country, we design holistically and at every scale: from integrating architecture and interiors to creating custom furnishings. The result are projects that are subtle and disciplined, pure in form, and focused on realizing sublime experiences of space and light. Each building is a carefully curated journey through indoor and outdoor environments that are quietly luxurious, elegantly fluid, and warmly modern.

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