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Times in blossom, urban renaissance through design

Shanghai PTArchitects

Public Space  /  Completed
Shanghai PTArchitects

If industry is the bottom color of big factories, nostalgia is a common trait of all big factory workers. In order to respond to the needs of the city and the space, we adhere to the urban renaissance guided by urban design, hoping to arouse people's identity of the city. We start from the city exhibition hall to continue the exuberant vitality of the city with innovation. The Project is located in Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing, and is first constructed as the building sales center and city exhibition hall of the community. The conceptual prototype of the facade comes from the painting "Composition of Red, Yellow and Blue" by the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. The combination of straight lines and color blocks as well as blocks of different sizes are used to bring rhythm and rhyme through structure guided by consciousness and intuition, emphasizing that architecture should develop with the times, and modern architecture should adapt to industrialized society, which creates the beauty of modern order and balance, and highlights "modern, concise, delicate and natural" style. Space is a box carrying memory. With "stacked boxes" as the design concept, the Project expresses the emotion and value of life. While carrying the past, it is also full of longing for the future. A simple cuboid is used as the shape of the building, which is divided into a few boxes from top to bottom based on the requirements of vertical functions. The thick and thin, rigid and flexible, virtual and real lines spread out in the space, showing the high-quality visual shock effect of the project and witnessing the stacking of urban memories. The city exhibition hall is arranged along the street and the front yard is opened to create a future vibrant urban block and enhance customers' sense of experience and participation in the future living block. The design of the building surface echoes the theme of landscape flowers and creates a vibrant city interface: How to determine the shape of flowers and the fixing method of curtain walls? Through the analysis of the exploded view of the curtain wall, it is finally determined to pull the member diagonally on the vertical joist of the glass curtain wall to fix the petal elements. The final dimensions and form of the petal elements are determined by computer simulation. The organic combination of architecture and landscape as well as the opening of architectural form space and the treatment of gray space shape an urban pocket park with a strong sense of depth. Architecture and landscape create a layered sky garden together, a dream space with flowers as the theme. The design draws inspiration from the drifting garden in New York City. It utilizes the concept of drifting to create the visual effect of a three-dimensional drifting garden from an innovative multi-dimensional design perspective. It makes use of people's intervention in the use of space to free space from the unique unidirectional perspective of the city, and brings the owners a soothing space experience and garden-style lifestyle in a lush green landscape. We hope to create a natural and poetic place in the reinforced concrete city. Through the power of space, people will get away from the busy urban life and immerse themselves in a quiet natural garden where they can stroll, sit at leisure and visit exhibitions. The interior design adopted the same style by introducing the layered sky garden to forge a space with a theme of flowers. The building takes wood veneers as the main material and the moving route for pedestrians as the clue. When people are walking in the building, they also feel as if they are in a garden. This creates a vital connection between artistic installation and space.


 1050 mq
 Ren Xiangyi, Hu Qiao, Rao Qin
 Cao Yacan, Qu Chuanhui, Zhang Dan, Qi Yingzheng, Chen Hao, Wang Siyu, Zeng Mengting, Lin Zexin
 Yang Yuan、Yunfeng Qiao


Founded in 2003, Shanghai PTArchitects strives to provide our clients with comprehensive and creative design solutions with the philosophy of "design for people, architecture for life" and the logic of exploring local culture, natural environment and the spirit of the time, creating spaces where the inhabitants live in harmony with the architecture.

With more than a decade of growth, Shanghai PTArchitects has set up 10 offices in mainland China. The team consists of over a thousand renowned architects and engineers and designers. Its practice includes the development of housing industry, commercial hotels, urban renewal, industrial planning, tourist and resort projects, recreation industry, landscape and interior design and other fields. The company has constantly dedicated itself to the development of projects and innovative solutions in China’s design industry.

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