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A people-oriented design principle was applied to Miaojia's new activity square

Xiaojing Su、Zhangchun Zhu、Mengxue Jia、Zhuowei Wang、Hongfeng Wang、Yiyi Zhao

Public Space  /  Completed
Xiaojing Su、Zhangchun Zhu、Mengxue Jia、Zhuowei Wang、Hongfeng Wang、Yiyi Zhao

Miaojia village is located at the junction of Jiaxing City and Shanghai City, Zhejiang Province, China. This village is very dynamic, clean and full of life. This time, taking the opportunity of comprehensive environmental transformation, we designed a new public space for villagers' activity square in Miaojia. The design team first conducted a detailed on-the-spot investigation of the site to be reconstructed, and conducted in-depth interviews with the villagers, and found some problems in terms of function and image. After carefully evaluating these issues, the team decided to connect the villages' activity square with some other important public service facilities in the village. The team first re planned a comfortable, convenient and beautiful green slow-moving public open space system for the whole village, and the villages'activity square is the center and important node of the newly planned public open space system. The villagers' activity square in Miaojia design scheme adheres to the people-oriented design principle, pays attention to the design of humanized functions, scales and activities in landscape design, and creates a pleasant space feeling. The shape of the original site is not regular, so the open space of the square is mainly composed of hard pavement and lawn, which can reduce the shape restrictions and enhance the landscape effect at the same time. In the center of the square, we have designed an elevated pedestrian landscape bridge to make full use of the space under the bridge while meeting the residents' leisure and viewing requirements. There is a convenient market under the bridge, which is convenient for the nearby residents to produce and sell their own agricultural products without weather restrictions. The south side of the landscape bridge is adjacent to the river. We have partially sunk the square into a hydrophilic platform, which increases interest. In the space organization, we pay attention to the integration of traditional culture with the flavor of the times and innovative culture. The center of the square provides an area for large-scale celebrations, gatherings and other leisure activities, and a temporary stage can be built at any time. The northwest corner of the square is equipped with a stepped auditorium, which can provide a rest space for residents when there is no activity. During the interview, we learned that there is a lack of children's entertainment places nearby, so the southwest corner is planned as the children's amusement Kingdom and basketball court, hoping that they can have an unforgettable entertainment time. In terms of plant allocation, the plan fully combines the existing vegetation resources of the base, preserves and utilizes the existing vegetation, supplements local vegetation in appropriate places, and strengthens the shaping of the local ecological environment. Villagers'activity square in Miaojia is mainly blue-green, and grey floor tiles are regularly laid on the ground to form a good order and harmony with the surrounding environment. We choose a special "Robin blue" for the color of the pedestrian viaduct. When we look down from high altitude, the whole bridge looks like a flowing river and an amazing ribbon. It is said that "Robin blue" symbolizes happiness. We also hope that this square can bring happiness to the villagers who have lived here for generations.


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 Xiaojing SU
 Xiaojing Su、Zhangchun Zhu、Mengxue Jia、Zhuowei Wang、Hongfeng Wang、Yiyi Zhao


The design team led by Dr. Xiaojing Su is a young and energetic team. The team attaches great importance to the real needs of site users, and has accumulated more systematic and comprehensive environmental transformation design experience in the practice of environmental comprehensive transformation design. The team adheres to the perspective of improving people's livelihood, respects the regional historical context, and tries to provide users with reasonable and effective comprehensive design solutions to enhance the connectivity between people and places.

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