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AI Future Community, a benchmark for artificial intelligence business application

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Dplus Studio

Zhangjiang Central District is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area. As an important base for Shanghai to build a global science and technology innovation center, it has formed a three-core industrial structure with integrated circuits, biomedicine and software, and intends to further build a high-tech park in Zhangjiang Science City. In recent years, with the transformation of the urban development model, the transformation of the regional industrial structure and the deepening of the needs of community citizens, the original separation of jobs and residences, lack of service facilities, and traffic congestion in Zhangjiang has become an urban problem that needs to be solved urgently. Therefore, under the needs of the new industrial situation, the values ​​of intensive land use, multiple functions, and emphasis on public life advocated by the concept of open blocks can provide a new future-oriented model for the design of industrial parks in Zhangjiang and even a wider range. . AI Future Block is located in the central area of ​​Zhangjiang Science City. The south side of the site is Haike Road, and the north side is adjacent to the Wisdom River, a branch of the ecological corridor Chuanyang River. It is the last low-density park in the core area of ​​Zhangjiang. The dual-track site, the street frontage spanning three blocks, the concentrated creative industry resources and the waterfront landscape have become the development advantages of the site. As a supplement to Zhangjiang Artificial Intelligence Island, AI Future Block will be committed to creating a benchmark for artificial intelligence business application scenarios in Shanghai, focusing on AI display experience, building an AI-themed experience block with "AI business and application experience", and helping the formation of artificial intelligence industry in Zhangjiang Science City The integrated pattern of research and development, display, and application promotes the upgrading of Zhangjiang's artificial intelligence industry ecosystem. From the perspective of the city and the street, the AI ​​future block echoes the surrounding environment of the block with the connection and organization of the path, and realizes the relationship of openness and symbiosis with the city. Contrary to the normal state of closed and self-built industrial parks, AI Future Blocks intends to achieve a high degree of integration of blocks, cities and natural landscapes. Therefore, facing urban streets, based on the study of urban typology and the path of Chinese classical gardens, a proposal is put forward. The concept of "crossing the street and leading the garden". "Crossing the Street" connects the city streets and waterfront trails in the north-south direction with several trails, leaving a free and accessible urban water corridor for the city. "Introduction to the Garden" introduces a garden-style spatial sequence to the plot from east to west. Under the guidance of paths in two directions, the outdoor space opens and closes with tightness. These criss-cross paths connect the plot and the surrounding urban space like blood vessels, forming a permeable relationship from the urban road to the landscape along the Smart River, as well as the rich spatial layers inside the park. Such a unique planning layout makes the AI ​​Future Block Project a benchmark for the neighborhood-type building cluster in Pudong, and proposes a pioneering idea for the landscaped and low-density blocks of Zhangjiang Science City. The opening of the street façade and the utilization of the corner square are different from the enclosed and introverted construction mode of the existing industrial park in Zhangjiang Science City, and actively respond to the needs of the street construction of Zhangjiang Science City in the new era. There is a gap of 8-15m between the building units facing the street to accommodate pedestrian paths, which not only satisfies the design intention of opening the block and introducing pedestrians, but also ensures the continuity of the street facade to the greatest extent. In addition, the corner spaces of all entrances are intentionally enlarged, supplemented by pools to form corner squares. The concave space of the corner square plays a guiding and storage function for the flow of people, and also reduces the tension caused by the building volume of the industrial park to pedestrians. The design motif of street + plaza is innovatively applied to industrial blocks, and this positive street space brings a friendly experience to urban residents. On the east-west inner street path, two squares with different dynamics and statics are arranged in the two blocks of the project respectively. The "road show square" is mainly dynamic due to the demand of the intelligent industrial format of the park for activities such as press conferences. The open space allows users to selectively hold outdoor roadshows, gatherings, children's play and other activities through the change of soft furnishings; "Jingsi Garden" mainly focuses on static reading and talks, with static waterscapes and recreational activities. The sheltered greening layout meets the needs of users for concealed, quiet, and small-scale conversations. The supply of such public space is particularly valuable for urban areas, especially for scientific and technological innovation industry clusters such as Zhangjiang Science and Technology City. In actual use, the "Roadshow Plaza" has become an important destination for the surrounding residents to relax and play games for children, realizing the original design intention of this place and effectively feeding the surrounding communities.


 Moon Star Investment Development Co., Ltd
 40000 mq
 Li Shuo
 Zhou Xuefeng


Li Shuo was born in Lanzhou, Gansu in 1984. Founded Dplus Studio in 2014 in Shanghai. Since its establishment, the firm has been questioning the practical significance of design from the beginning, facing real problems, and use this as an absolute clue to establish an independent and clear design concept, starting from project planning, conceptual design, to guiding the construction node, throughout, maintaining the team's complete control over the entire design process, and fully realizing the original design intent.

The practice under the guidance of such thinking has also been recognized by all walks of life. Among them, the AI Future Community located in Zhangjiang, due to many innovative measures, has had a profound response in the industry after its completion. And won many awards from different dimensions at China and abroad, including 2021 ICONIC Awards Best of Best and 2021 World Architecture Festival(China) Outstanding Architecture Award.


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