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Birch Forest, taking cues from the forest's intricate and intertwined canopy for the indoor ceiling

Kris Lin

Interior  /  Completed
Kris Lin

The project is located in Xixian New Area - Jinghe new town, Xi'an, close to Jinghe Wetland Park in the south. With its high-quality river resources, rich surrounding green fields and beautiful Wetland Park, the project has achieved unique ecological resources.  This mixed multi-function space is divided into two floors, the first floor is cafe, the second floor as the restaurant and art gallery space.Restaurant often bears the mission of offering a relaxing, sensitive, immersive and intimate environment to let people temporarily get away from the daily routine. This attribute determines that its spatial design shouldn't be merely restricted to create distinctive experiential consumption scenes for brands, but also needs to convey positive aesthetics and humanistic care to the public and return to the essence of life, especially in the post-pandemic era. Design Conception Inspired by the park, the Restaurant as places to relax and unwind in the forest, evoking an overall sense of escapism. The whole design takes " Dear drink at trackless stream" in the poem "a trip to Lushan Mountain" by Mei Yaochen as the design conception, it is a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty. Integrated forest, deer and water those three elements into the design. Under Mei Yaochen's description, the quoted words has a meaning of the deer were leisurely drinking the gurgling water in a stream in such a silent and empty mountain forest. Restaurant in the Forest The grid system of indoor ceiling takes the intertwined canopy in the forest as the intention, abstracts the canopy group images in the forest into a tensile architectural structure, which has become the most expressive image characteristic of this case. The whole indoor space is neatly arranged like an artificial forest in the whole forest, it perfectly matches the setting of " Forest Restaurant ". We use the mortise and tenon joint technique to connect everything together. Mortise and tenon joint is a common used skill in Chinese traditional architecture, drew inspiration from the crystallization of the wisdom of our ancestors, it creates a visual art effect for space creation as well as completes the interpretation of traditional culture. Design Challenges The biggest challenge of this project is the construction of continuous curved surface of ceiling grid. Through the three-dimensional design in the early stage, we selected the aluminum plate for machine cutting in the factory, and finally, went to the construction site for installation and splicing. From the perspective of environmental protection, there is no abandoned building materials and construction wastes at the construction site, thus effectively saves costs.


 1000 mq
 Kris Lin
 Anda Yang
 Photo by Kris Lin International Design


CNAM obtained a master's degree in architectural management from France. In 2001, (KLID) Kris Lin International Design office was founded in Shanghai, dedicated to the field of architectural interior space design. In 2006, he published a collection of his personal works, "KLID vision 1", and in 2020, he published his second collection "KLID vision II".

Engaged in professional design for 23 years, has been committed to architectural design, interior design and landscape design of continuous research and innovation. Always adhere to the original, KLID all projects are personally design by Kris Lin. In the international major professional design competition has repeatedly achieved good results. By December 2021, KLID has won 1171global awards, including 1004 international awards and 167 domestic awards.

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