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Sunlight, a kind of winter garden


Industrial Design  /  Completed

KE inaugurates 2022 with an important novelty in the panorama of the Winter Gardens, confirming itself among the main international players in the world of outdoor solutions. Constant innovation, refined design, breadth and transversality of the offer, flexibility in the management of "custom" and custom solutions: these are the cornerstones of the KE offer that is further expanded with the arrival of SUNLIGHT, a new, renewed Wintergarden concept. SUNLIGHT is the first greenhouse equipped with a glass roof, an outdoor room designed to redesign outdoor spaces in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, seamlessly, giving a new sense of breadth and revolutionizing the concept of comfort and natural light, in any season of the year. SUNLIGHT blends in a rational and elegant way with the architecture of the house, thanks also to its linear shape with flat roof that hides inside the inclined glass plates and recreating a cozy space that offers a look at the shapes of the green and in full contact with nature. The main novelty of SUNLIGHT consists in the roof in 10 or 12 mm laminated glass composed of glass door traverses made of aluminum that leave large surface to the glazed part, available in two different finishes - transparent or matt white. A solution that gives brightness and constructive lightness to the environment. Suitable to be installed in both residential and commercial contexts, SUNLIGHT presents an aluminium skeleton with essential and clean shapes, with non-visible screws thanks to an integrated system of snap covers. It has been designed to have important performance in case of adverse weather conditions: wind tightness and shelter in case of rain thanks to an integrated frontal water outflow system, through a system of eaves and rainbows from 80 mm. It is also able to guarantee the seal to the load in case of snow. Adjustable in width, SUNLIGHT is available in a self-supporting or leaning shape and is suitable to be inserted in spaces of different shapes, covering important sizes (minimum size 100x100, maximum size 650 x 400) , and with a minimal aesthetic impact. It is possible to illuminate the product internally thanks to a system of dimmable strip LEDs integrated in the ceiling crossbars making the product available at any time of the day. SUNLIGHT can be integrated with multiple types of closures, including the new Line Glass sliding windows 3 and 4-way, consisting of a painted aluminum structure and 10 mm tempered glass panels supported by backdrops containing the sliding system. Line Glass offers the possibility to create real large glass screens. SUNLIGHT can also be supplemented by an overhead-roof solar roller-blinding system. Thanks to the HYDRA model, the wrapped cloth is completely enclosed in a new technical box, which emphasizes its minimal aesthetics. Giotto Tens horizontal blinds with shading function can also be installed under the roof. SUNLIGHT can also be closed on the sides with the Vertika sunlight locking system, the integrated system of side and front drop blinds. The variety of choice of fabrics allows you to have the desired level of shielding; once closed the Vertika Sunlight disappears completely inside the structure. With SUNLIGHT you can enjoy the freedom of a space that knows no seasonality: helping save energy all year long. During winter, the pergola system reduces heat loss and allows better control of internal temperatures. In summer, the advanced shading system eliminates excessive solar heat and glare, reducing the need for air conditioning.


 Noventa di Piave
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