Studio MK27 - Minotti Brasília, a family of furniture with an ultra-precise, contemporary, minimal style
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Minotti Brasília, a family of furniture with an ultra-precise, contemporary, minimal style

Studio MK27

Industrial Design  /  Completed
Studio MK27

I would like to talk a bit about the Brazil of the 50's, where magic seemed to loom over this place, a place of dreams. Immigrants from all over the world were welcomed with a lot of affection, while beautiful people languidly walked on the sands of Copacabana. In Sweden, Pelé scores a spectacular goal and makes us world champions. Breathtaking! A musical style of unparalleled elegance emerges from the voice and guitar of João Gilberto, an impeccable city arises from Oscar Niemeyer's and Lúcio Costa's drawing boards. I once saw, in a documentary, Marcel Breuer mention to Lúcio Costa that while the rest of the world was caught in a hateful war, Brazil was building the future with sophisticated and technological architecture. After João, came Vinícius, Caetano, Chico, Gil, Rita and Gal. In Architecture: Burle, Rino, Lelé, Affonso, Vilanova, Paulo and Lina, the ingenious Italian immigrant, and many others, also blessed with that magic. The "Brasilia" collection we designed, is a homage to this beautiful moment. A moment we should remember so that we may be inspired, and dream about this world that existed one day! - Brasilia, designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, has an ultra-precise, contemporary, minimal style, rooted in Brazilian modernism. A family of furniture with a highly innovative profile that reinterprets shapes from the past, transforming their apparent simplicity into a form of real beauty that conceals an intricately complex design concept: by juxtaposing different materials with strong powers of expression, it offers a new take on the distinctive style that identifies the Minotti brand. A design that looks to the future, made to stand the test of time and become a new classic. The family hosts a range of seats for different environments, from the living to the night area, including sofas, elements with one armrest, an armchair and ottoman, and a varied selection for the bedroom. It is characterised by a Mid-Century aesthetic revisited and modernised not only in its lines and volumes, but also in its use of materials, in particular Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, and in its elegant structural details. The seats, conceived for the home environment, can also play an original role in hospitality settings, given the wide variety of elements, coverings and configurations to choose from. The strong architectural feel conveyed by the volumes and proportions of Brasilia points to the world of Marcio Kogan, his interiors and architectures, paying tribute to the period of great cultural ferment that swept through Brazil in the 1950s, in which Oscar Niemeyer and Lùcio Costa were prominent figures. The seating elements are enclosed in a square frame in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, sourced from responsibly managed forests, accommodating a system of even, comfortable padding, offering a comfy, cushioned seat. With their airy look, they rest on metal feet with a polished Brandy finish, a prime example of the continuous and constant interaction of materials exploited by Kogan - wood, metal, fabric, and leather - to evoke warmth and comfort. The Brasilia range comprises two sizes of sofa (196 and 273 cm in length), elements with one armrest in various lengths with and without a top - made of slender staves in Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut or one piece in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos -, an armchair and a small ottoman. - The storage units in the Superquadra family by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 are of different sizes and are intended for a variety of uses, yet they all share the same minimal design, the same style - somewhere between classic rationalism and a contemporary vibe - and the same floating aesthetic, which endows them with an airy, suspended appearance. The sideboard is available in several sizes and heights, starting from the dining, living/TV and cabinet versions. In the first two variants, the body of the unit rests on a solid wood base. Sporting volumes of different sizes, it comes equipped with drawers, all with handles in a polished varnished Brandy-coloured finish. The bearing structure of the dining and living/TV storage units is in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos with matt polyester lacquered finish, or in Black lacquered open-pore ash, and sits on feet with a polished Brandy finish. In addition to Dark Brown stained palisander Santos with matt polyester lacquered finish or Black lacquered open-pore ash, the storage elements for the dining and living/TV units are also available in a glossy, lacquered Moka-coloured version. The cabinet, with its pure and geometric shapes, emphasizes the sophisticated combination of materials, creating a refined contrast between wood, varnished aluminium and glass. The dining version, available in the size 273,5 cm and in two different heights, offers four drawers, with a cutlery holder in Black saddle-hide in the top one. One important detail is the foot in aluminium with polished Brandy-coloured finish, which juts out from the line of the base. The living/TV unit, available in a single 273,5 cm version, offers a storage space with two drawers and surface made of thin staves in Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut that lighten the volume and create an original interplay of transparencies. The cabinet, available in one size, 105 cm, is characterised by a frame with doors in stratified glass, coupled with a copper-coloured metallic mesh inside. This combination offers glimpses of the reflections created by the back panels in bronzed glass and by the double light strip, positioned on the sides of the frame. Inside, it houses a set of drawers in Dark Brown stained palisander Santos, with matt polyester lacquered finish. Placing two cabinets together, one next to the other, creates an interesting twist on an effective storage solution.


 São Paulo
 0000 mq
 Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante and Diana Radomysler
 Marcio Kogan, Mariana Ruzante and Diana Radomysler


Studio mk27 was founded in 1978 by Marcio Kogan and turned into a collaborative studio in the beginning of the 2000’s. Ever since, it has constantly grown and globalized its activities, winning more than 250 awards worldwide. Today we have a group of almost 50 collaborators, most of which have worked together for over a decade. We are present in 4 different continents and our portfolio covers different programs and scales, containing objects, furniture and fixtures, whole communities, towers, urban hotels and retreats, retail, retrofit and workspaces ranging from a 23sqm hut for a residence program for writers in Switzerland to an 800,000 sqm masterplan and development for the suburban headquarters of a Brazilian investment company. In every program and scale, studio mk27 searches for opportunities to create a positive impact, raising awareness for the relevance of design and applying the most sustainable approaches to architecture. All in all, we take our fun very seriously.

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