9M Design - Standing in the front row of the sea with a sense of freehand transparency
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Standing in the front row of the sea with a sense of freehand transparency

9M Design

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9M Design

The project stands in the front row of the sea with a sense of freehand transparency and an elegant skyline on the north coastline of Changzhi Island. The "Hundred-meter Coastal Avenue" on the other side is one of the most important coastal public areas of Zhoushan city that displays the charm and image of the city. The previous buildings on the island have already formed a certain sequence, so another key point of this case is to integrate with the existing buildings. Skyline Strategies: 1. Multi-Height Layout, Echoing the Original Features of the Site. There are rich rhythms in the original topography of the site and the existing skyline. In order to echo the characteristics of the site, the team arranged six high-rise residential buildings with 14-17 floors on the west side, Five 5-storey buildings are arranged in the area adjacent to one existing residential cluster with French style Facade; Four 10-storey buildings are arranged at the main entrance on the south side. The whole is low on the south and east side and high on the north and west side, which echoes the original skyline. 2. Using Large-scale Glass to Create a Sense of Transparency. In order to make the coastal façade on the north side of Changzhi Island more transparent, the high-rise residential buildings draw on the characteristics of modern buildings, introduce flat and integrated glass windows into the design, use LOW-E insulating glass and light-colored metal paint profiles, integrating the inside and outside, breaking the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. 3. "Aerial Open Floor" The "Aerial Open Floor" is to control the overall skyline by setting up raised floors on the top of the building. Our team generated two schemes of design: public-style and residential-style. The public-style approach precedes the façade of the elevated floors inward, while the residential-style approach continues the façade of the other floors, treating the aerial open floor as the appearance of residences. Finally, taking into account the external facade, skyline effect, and cost, the team will treat the buildings along the skyline and the central buildings as public construction; the buildings at other secondary locations will be treated as residential buildings to maintain a balance between the skyline and the cost. As a result, the transition from the town center to the skyline of the buildings on the east and west sides is natural and smooth. Urban Symbiosis Strategy: The low-rise commercial buildings and residential buildings in the town center that have been built on the island form a style avenue. To feel the existing space experience along the style avenue, so as to analyze the general layout and architectural style of the new project is the key to the integration of this project into the existing urban environment. The low-rise commercial street in the town center was built in French style with precise proportions, and the residential clusters along the side of the style avenue also continued the French style of the town center. Walking westward from the town center, the 5-storey buildings of this project continues in space with the French architectural belt of the style avenue. Considering the function of transitioning from the French-style buildings to the modern-style buildings, dark-colored sloping roofs and light-colored stone materials are introduced into the design of these 5-storey buildings. Detailed parts of the facade are decorated with line elements, which is different from both the previous French-style buildings and the modern style high-rise buildings of the project but are in harmony with both styles. Public space strategy: The team integrated the project into the whole island scene, considering the two directions of "outward" and "inward" to create a rich and smooth public space. Changzhi Island itself was planned maturely, having complete living facilities and a slow living space close to a human scale. The north side of the project is closely connected with the landscape activity belt of the island, which is a natural geographical advantage. Therefore, the team set up the sports field of the project near the external park on the north side, so as to continue the 4 kilometers of slow walking trails on the whole island, integrating into the system of sports activities throughout the island. In the dimension of "inward", the team introduced the concept of "collection of courtyards" to maximize the use of the limited space in the site and balance the contradiction between urban people's yearning for courtyard life and limited space resources. In the community, all families extend their lives from indoors to outdoors, and the originally private spaces are gathered together to form a new shared space, which is in line with the modern way of life.


 Zhoushan Greentown
 96001 mq
 He Min, Guo Ning, Zhou Xian, Huang Jun
 Lu Baiyou, Yang Kai, Pan Shijie, Liu Guoli, Wu Hongzhou, Chen Jinjing, Mei Minya, Chen Xiaoliang, Li Xianliang
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Founded on November 9, 2009, Hangzhou 9M Design Co., Ltd. is an architectural design company. It is composed of senior architects, engineers and an experienced management team. 9M has always been paying attention to the subtle connections and dynamic changes among people, buildings, cities, and society. Details, observation and examination of architectural space is our very top priority, which is based on people's feelings. "Work happily live happily; Holding an ideal and struggling ahead" is the core concept of our corporate ideas, which is fully reflected in the respect and meticulous care for every member of 9M.


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