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Ningbo Lingke Riverside Community, a light blue glass puzzle


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Ningbo LingKe Riverside Community is located on the Xitang River, a heritage site that was an important commercial activity for inhabitants of eastern Zhejiang in ancient times, and along its banks are several old bridges and streets. The government recently returned the river to its biological setting, which is now available to the public. The LingKe Riverside Community's site represents the balance between ecologically sustainable and city growth, and the community design strives to produce a landmark and statement with a strong identity at this outstanding location. LingKe Riverside Community consists of 6 residential buildings, a public recreation area, and several landscaped yards. All the housing units have large spans to guarantee a perfect view of the river, resulting in a strong visual connection with the surrounding landscape. Each flat unit in each housing has a private balcony to enjoy the views. The 65m dwelling in the site's center, in particular, features a sky garden with panoramic views of the surroundings on each 3-4 stories. Additionally, it includes two luxury flat apartments on each floor, with four bedrooms, a sky living area, and a balcony, among other amenities. The concentrating arrangement in the north of the service space and secondary bedrooms allows for sky gardens with a maximum variation and the possibility of adapting the living layout quickly and efficiently. This flexibility allows dwellers to adapt the house according to their preferences and needs. The design of the building façade, the residential building contains various ornate separating walls that are about the element of surrounding Jiangnan Dwellings, and the combination of the sky garden and balcony in the façade gives the building a powerful, luxurious look and sense of uprightness. Gray aluminum lines with unimpeded light blue glass reflect light, air, water, and street, which evokes the image of a lively living and commercial landscape. Public recreation areas open to the residents of the community such as the gym, restaurant, children's room, and swimming pool is located in a sunken courtyard covered with greenery on the roof, which creates a vibrant wellness community with ecology, wellness, sports, fashion and parent-child themes, covering life scenarios of all age. The result is a synthetic hybrid landscape for the community, between the natural and the artificial, which allows the vegetation to regrow again, wrapping a group of sunken space that forms an interior patio, in which to isolate residents from the noisy exterior space. A sheltered place so bounded by natural stone slab walls that emphasize the presence of local greenery and the distant sky.


 102864 mq
 Meng Fanhao (Chief Architect / Design Principal), Zhu Min, Huang Guangwei, Miao Chunle, Ding Jian, Pan Yiming, Chen Yanni, Tu Dan, Zhou Chao, Xie Yuting, Yang Hanyue, Shi Yuhang (architect)


Founded by Meng Fanhao and Zhu Peidong, line+ is a diversified emerging design firm with international reputation. Currently, it has offices in Hangzhou and Shanghai. "line" is the boundary, based on architectural design, and "+" aims to break through the clear boundaries of traditional industries, take "space empowerment" as the core strategy of research and creation, and respond to the existing problems of urban and rural areas in the current era, so as to realize the value iteration and release of architecture in social, economic, cultural and other fields.

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