SLDIC International - An asimmetric building along Xunliao Bay: Financial Street·Ocean World III
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An asimmetric building along Xunliao Bay: Financial Street·Ocean World III

SLDIC International

Housing  /  Completed
SLDIC International

This project is located in Xunliao Bay Tourist Resort, Huizhou, China. Xunliao Bay is an International Eco-tourism resort with unique mountains and seas, mainly develop tourism, commerce and trade industries. It surrounding by villas with beautiful sea view and convenient transportation. Xunliao Bay is planned to cover an area of 29 kilometers, it has 16 kilometers of native coastline, 11 kilometers of white-sand beaches, and 60 acres of mangrove ecological nature reserves. This project is combined with surroundings. The building is perpendicular to the coastline, so that it can keep the visual communication with the mountains in the east. In addition, this project adopts a polyline layout in order to gain the ocean landscape for each building as much as possible, and also to ensure the view of the ocean can permeate into the central garden and the interior city. The community space adopts the mode of group space enclosure. It not only ensures a unified public activity area and landscape space, but also forms a rich and interesting group space. Each group also forms a larger internal central green space, and combines mountain views and sea views to improve the landscape quality and value of the land. The third and fourth phases of the project started simultaneously. The apartment keeping the same design style of the first and second phases. Based on fully researching local regulations, and climate type, we unify the needs of first party and owner’s needs, a continuous space is formed from the interior of the community to the coast. The facade of the building is based on the concept of coral, shaped a beautiful marine intention and undulating skyline on the coastal side. The landscape continues the asymmetric style, which is same with the first and second phases. There is no central structure, it makes the whole area more free and more holiday atmosphere. In addition to taking into account the factors of landscape resources, shading, and noise isolation, the curtain wall unit also needs to consider general functional requirements such as ventilation, lighting, and safety guardrails. The glass adopts the semi-tempered insulated vertical Low-E technology, which ensures the flatness of the glass and also conceals the safety protection function of the transparent curtain wall, so that the glass of the tower curtain wall is not blocked from the ground to the ceiling.


 Financial Street Holdings Huizhou Company
 158400 mq
 SLDIC International
 Architectural Design: Yin Jinheng, Jing Guodong;Construction Design: Zhong Futan, Gu Lijuan, Xiong Taotao, Wu Junming, Liu Jintao;Li Bo, Liu Xinhua, Zhou Wentao;Wang Hongshuang, Gao Zhaoyu, Zhu Bingkun, Yang Jing;Qiu Runhua;Hu Tiituo
 SLDIC International
 Chen Junwei



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