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Great plastic expressiveness throughout the seasons

Barge Bouza Arquitectura

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Barge Bouza Arquitectura

REPORT SINGLE-FAMILY HOUSE IN CERVO, SAN CIBRAO, LUGO, SPAIN. SANTIAGO BARGE FERREIROS & Mª BELÉN BOUZA CORA ARCHITECTURE STUDIO It is about the design and construction of a single-family house located in the Río Cobo urbanization in San Ciprián, in a disparate and chaotic environment where the type of semi-detached house with two floors and under cover abounds. Built halfway up the hillside and overlooking the views over the reservoir, insertion is sought through differentiation, prioritizing the approach to the native landscape, denying the adjoining buildings and turning all the perspectives of the house on the exceptional horizon. Given the limited budget, the construction of two horizontal planes at street level and +3 meters was proposed, which levitate on a minimal metal structure, which delimit the dimensions of the house and allow the development of the program on two levels. The exterior homogeneity of the volume is proposed, maintaining a composition of solids and voids, choosing a material that integrates with the set of neighboring houses. Thus, a white lime facade is created where the large openings of holes and a series of cutouts applied to the concrete slabs allow the generation of different terraces and the control of the incidence of direct natural light on the different glass planes. Inside, a void is executed that delimits the public and private spaces and that in turn allows the penetration of light in the central part. This large interior void allows the introduction of the staircase that connects both levels, facilitating in turn a global perception of the total dimensions of the house. For the interior control of the light, a framework of large vertical wooden slats was used that allow solar control, generating in turn slight distortions in the different perspectives of the house. In this way, the effects generated by the shadows projected on the interior throughout the seasons acquire a great plastic expressiveness. The project had a tight material execution budget of 150.00 Euros. In such a way that the finishes and materials were reduced to the minimum expression, white lime plastering and exterior aluminum carpentry on the façade, wooden floors and exposed concrete ceilings in the interiors and pine wood framework and steel reinforcement for the conformation of the great central void and staircase. As a summary we could say that we try to prioritize the approach to the landscape through the wide openings.


 Río Cobo, Cervo, LUGO
 256 mq
 Santiago Barge and María Belén Bouza
 Barge Bouza Architecture


Founded in 2001, Barge Bouza architecture consists of two architects Santiago Barge Ferreiros and Mª Belén Bouza Cora.
They have been awarded with several international prizes like Honourable Mention International biennial Architecture Prize “Barbara Cappochin” 2013, FAD awards Architecture Prize 2013, the 3rd International Prize “Menhir” for European Union Architects 2003 and selected in international competition "44 young architects international" studies with work built of europe and america 2007.
And national prizes like selected XI Biennial of spanish architecture and planing 2011, 1st Prize COAG 2011 and Special Mention Prize COAG 2004.
Other awards worth pointing out are 1st prize national competition for the building of the Cultural and Ethnographics Center of Mandeo river A Coruña 2011, 2nd prize national competition for the building of a 50 units housing neighbourhood in Covadonga, Ourense 2006.

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