Keng-Fu Lo - Awaits Malmo, subverteing the idea of a commercial recreational space
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Awaits Malmo, subverteing the idea of a commercial recreational space

Keng-Fu Lo

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Keng-Fu Lo

Creating natural spaces in 2022 is a challenge. There are so many elements that you have to consider but this is essential for modern architects and designers. We can’t afford to make mistakes with issues like global warming propelling us forward. Tackling issues like this will require people to band together in spaces to address then. In this project we subverted the idea of a commercial recreational space to create something that has never been done before. The restaurant is located in Tainan, Taiwan near the Annan Industrial Zone and the 86th Express Road, which is an important avenue of traffic in the city. The property is more than 23292 square meters in size and is positioned in the middle of the industrial and residential areas to create a green ecological zone. The presence of the Software Science Park has led to a surge in population in this area in a short period of time, blocking the natural migration of wildlife. With that in mind, we came up with the goal of combining the city and the natural environment. This project combined the natural environment, water, light and shadow with architecture. This created a wonderful retail space that was also sustainable at the same time. In commercial spaces we should emphasize the building rather than commercial decoration. The exterior of the building was coated with waterproof paint so that water molecules cannot enter the building but it also allows it to be breathable at the same time. This coating is essential in Taiwan which is known for its humidity being an island in the Pacific Ocean. Combining the school and the park, we used the overall greening low-density building of the base to extend the entire corridor again, so that the corridor reached more than 700 meters, the depth of the corridor reached 130 meters, and the use of its landscape pool also achieved cooling and reducing the pollution of dust in the air, and carbon emission reduction created a cold island effect in Tainan city. Modular materials were used as much as possible so that future carbon emissions can be reduced without recasting, and the use of initial materials are used in their purest form by use of building structures and spaces is sustainable. The connection between people, the environmental space and architecture is paramount. Through the dialogue between architecture and nature, the coexistence of architecture and natural ecology can make the traditional commercial space more memorable.


 Tainan City
 6569 mq
 Keng-Fu Lo
 Keng-Fu Lo
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute


In 1996, he established Chain10 with the purpose of combining cutting-edge design and research. The firm operates in every sector of design, with each project encompassing climate-focused and sustainable principles and design that integrate internal and external spaces to create harmonious settings. He believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interiors. Mr. Lo’s degree in clinical psychology from Kaohsiung Medical School and his consciousness of climate change has helped guide his emphasis on the relationship between people, life, and space and allowed his designs to best suit the human experience while not interrupting the environment.
While having no formal training in architecture, he has managed to assemble an impressive array of projects that have won over 220 awards, including the World Architecture Festival Award and the IIDA Global Excellence Award.

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