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A place, universe of connections: Yellow Square Firenze

Pierattelli Architetture

Hospitality  /  Completed
Pierattelli Architetture

YellowSquare opens also in Florence: the hostel born in Rome that has redefined the concept of hospitality, creating a container of activities, a place of exchange and meeting not only for tourists, but also for locals. The hostel, a project developed by InvestiRE SGR SpA, opened to the public in April 2022 in one of the key areas of the city, few steps from the Fortezza da Basso: it is the third structure of the brand, after the opening in Milan at the beginning of 2021. The Florentine studio Pierattelli Architetture developed a new concept of informal hospitality and a project capable of being form and substance, structure and content, space and message. YellowSquare Florence has a capacity of 300 beds, with different types of rooms: double, mixed, shared. In addition to the common areas, that have always characterized the peculiar approach of welcome and meeting of this brand. A philosophy of community and sharing that we find in the design of the bar and restaurant, as well in the kitchen-to-share that will be available to guests. A multifunctional place, capable of activating relationships around food, such as the YellowSquare cooking lessons. The highlight of the project is the swimming pool and the solarium on the top floor, with an incomparable view of the skyline of Florence. The building was built in 1935 as a provincial dispensary for tuberculosis patients: since the eighties the headquarters of the local health company, in 2005 was auctioned and since then the building remained in a state of neglect. The redevelopment project by Pierattelli Architetture maintains the main structural elements typical of the rationalist architecture of the twenties, updating the layout with modernization interventions studied with respect for the identity and history of the building. Composed of two buildings - the first developed on six levels, the second on a single level above the ground - the property is spread over an area of 5000 sqm. The monolithic look and the large portal of the main façade, which is accessed through a large staircase, make the building highly recognizable and of great visual impact. Both the portal and the staircase, as well as the large plinth, are in travertine. Pierattelli Architetture has chosen to use the travertine also for the profiles of the numerous openings of the facade, thus making it a feature of the entire architecture. The openings are divided into partitions by a central strip in painted metal: an element to scan the facade vertically without modifying its architectural features. The contrasting colour-finish in anthracite grey, also chosen for all the external frames, refer to the profile of the travertine frames. All the external walls and support pillars are in a pearl white/ivory color: the under arches and sills of the new openings are made of travertine, taking shape and type of existing ones. The interior Not only hospitality, but sociality. YellowSquare Florence offers its guests a series of additional services, to encourage conviviality and relationships: from clubbing to wellness, from yoga to cooking classes, from the recording studio to the rehearsal room, through the coworking spaces. In addition to the dining area, guests have access to a kitchen and an area for cooking lessons. In the basement a club area offers moments of leisure, while the attic floor is dedicated to wellness, with a swimming pool and a solarium with panoramic views of Florence.


 InvestiRE SGR SpA
 5000 mq
 Massimo Pierattelli, Claudio Pierattelli, Andrea Pierattelli
 Gianluca Anolfo, Claudio Fabbri, Mirko Lepri, Tommaso Greco, Anna Paola Grieco, Lorenzo Moscardi
 Iuri Niccolai


Founded in Florence in the ‘80s by architect Massimo Pieratelli, Pierattelli Architetture’s projects combine functionality, aesthetics and innovation in a multidisciplinary approach, every work is custom built in the name of extreme design flexibility, contextual interpretation, client needs and historical significance, to generate balanced, contemporary solutions.
The Studio began with the design of corporate offices and banks but over the years expanded into the hospitality, residential and product design sectors.
In existing building redevelopment projects, the firm works in compliance with architectural restrictions and in contact with the local Authorities; for complex projects, collaboration with international entities enables the studio to offer structured services to institutions such as Asset Management companies, Investment Trusts and Holding companies.


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