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Villa Bellombra, a park hospital in connection with the world

GBA Studio - Gianluca Brini Architetto

Health  /  Completed
GBA Studio - Gianluca Brini Architetto

The New Villa Bellombra is a hospital for serious multi-traumatized who must "get back on their feet", pushed in this both by the medical staff and medical equipment and by their will stimulated by the structure in which they are located (also thanks to a biophilic design). For the care of these patients, contact with LIFE is fundamental, first of all with the Nature/Environment component, the one capable of "attracting and recall them" to "get out of the hospital". Access to natural light and proximity to a desirable outdoor environment, the ability to experience the changing seasons and weather, to have contact with the world, are all essential conditions of well-being and psychophysical dynamism, necessary to generate in the patient reactivity, participation and will to heal. The definition of "Parco Hospital" is therefore well defined by two basic aspects: -on a plot area of 25000 square meters, 9500 square meters are designed as a green area, a figure that has achieved a technical index of excellence in reducing building impact; -the other fact is that the almost 8000 square meters of surface area of the rooms, gyms, warehouses, swimming pool, changing rooms, and all the rooms that make up the New Villa Bellombra, for a volume of about 35000 cubic meters, are incredibly distributed almost exclusively on one level on the ground, except for the atrium and the office building. What does that mean? That not only banally has been given ample space to the green and the essences, but has been studied a settlement system that did not hide the green itself but indeed "suffered" the positive influence, it is a landscape project even before architectural and sanitary one; Moreover, the Hospital is located inside a park and in turn has one inside itself, in the large central courtyard and the large glass surfaces and the ease of access to the outside from all environments, are at the service of the enjoyment of greenery and nature. A space protected from the weather, a real "winter garden", of measured size, can fulfill the same purposes in the adverse season. In addition to the green that permeates the lot starting from the parking area, and the common courtyard, EVERY SINGLE ROOM has a private garden available to guests, in turn flowing into a common park protected As said then the project presents a particular settlement model: the sanitary part is distributed all and only on the ground floor, looking for a sanitary quality (but also a building quality of the property) out of the ordinary, with great innovation compared to the current headquarters of the old Hospital. The building is reached along the office building up to the imposing triple-height glazed atrium with sloping glass for reasons of sun protection and weather. The atrium is the functional pivot and the architectural focus of the building, but it also constitutes the orientation and the territorial reference for its height and its shape. Bio-architecture, bioengineering and bioclimatics also shape design choices. Natural light and natural ventilation of all environments and spaces are absolutely predominant, light and shading are synergistically designed and therefore guaranteed (also to promote the circadian rhythm), the thermo-hygrometric and electromagnetic comfort are guaranteed as well as the quality, all under the banner of an "Ethical style". Here, therefore, architecture and patient care are mixed: even the building itself, indeed, the overall project, which we would define as urban, must have the strength to be not only functional, technologically advanced, etc., but also beautiful. It must participate in the serenity of patients (and all operators) who can take advantage of large outdoor spaces and green areas, rest and indoor activities, then being able to observe in any weather the nature that surrounds them thanks to the large surfaces permeable to the view (theme for us central and that is voluntarily taken from the large glass inclined atrium), but also participate in a contemporary vision to create beautiful parts of the city, for all citizens. AT THE CLIENT'S REQUEST, AND BY WILL TO SHOW THE RESULTS ACHIEVED BY OUR OFFICE IN COMPLETING LONG PROJECT PATHS ALSO, IN THIS CASE, OF MORE THAN 5 YEARS WITH THE INSERTION IN THE CITY’S URBAN PLANS, THE NEW VILLA BELLOMBRA IS REPOSED IN THE CATEGORY OF BUILDINGS BUILT AFTER PRESENTING IT TO THE PUBLIC AS A PROJECT IN THE PAST YEARS.


 Casa di cura Villa Bellombra S.p.A.
 7793 mq
 GBa Studio_Gianluca Brini Architetto
 Ing. Riccardo Brini
 Ing. Ferrari SPA
 Progettazione strutture Ing. Giovanni Righi, Progetto acustica Airis srl, Progetto del verde e idraulica Galileo Ingegneria, Progetto impianti meccanici e solare termico Arch. Claudio Cassani, Direzione Lavori Ing. Giovanni Righi
 photo © 2022 by GBA Studio srl / Gianluca Brini – Architetto Bologna - Via Andrea Costa 202/2


Gianluca Brini has been a freelancer in single form since 1990, in 1998 he opened his own studio in Bologna, since 2005 he has been sole director of the design company GBa_studio srl gianluca brini architetto.
It operates in the area of urban and architectural design, dealing with the pure design, up to the executive detail, always aimed at the realization of the buildings through the direction of the works.
The project is always based on the "critical propositive" method, which is constantly investigated even in theory.
Over the years he consolidated his internal structure and the external network, allowing him to develop complex projects in an integrated and coordinated way, also with public clients.
It has been awarded locally and nationally, and subsequently internationally.
The twentieth anniversary of the activity in 2018, sees the foundation of GBA Lab, training and research laboratory, directed by Eng. Riccardo Brini

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