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Taikang Community Shen Garden, transforming the indoor scene into outdoor space

GN Architects

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GN Architects

Taikang Community Shen Garden is located at Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. The whole block is composed of six apartments for the aged, one community business center and one medical building. The design of Taikang Community Shen Garden is in full response to the severe cold climate of the project site. A natural and interesting "forest" is built by means of space shaping. As for the overall planning of Taikang Community Shen Garden, the apartments for the aged are arranged around the community in groups and connected to the community center by a continuous indoor corridor, turning the outdoor space into a series of theme gardens, so that residents are provided with a living place for hanging out in cold weather. As for function organization, in order to facilitate partition management and sharing, the architects create a "glass hall", with different closed shapes embedded on both sides, which are different "function generators", have independent external space accessibility, and create an internal spatial pattern of "indoor business streets". Function spaces, such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, recreation, university for the aged, religion, catering and retail, are in clear layout. From "function list" to "space organization", the architects intentionally weakens the sense of boundary of functions to enhance the mobility of spaces. For the interior of the Taikang Community Shen Garden, the large "forest hall" in the community center is the core of the whole space organization. The "glass hall" supported by tree-shaped columns tries to give users an image of tropical plants gardens and industrial buildings. The shape of stump columns is also an innovation in design between steel structure construction and bionic form. The top of the hall is equipped with a large area of roof light, and heating equipment is installed under floor, so that people can move freely indoors during the long winter. In the design of Taikang Community Shen Garden, the architects skillfully transforms the indoor scene into outdoor space, and balances various elements including space perception, tree column shape, interior effect and engineering construction. At the end of 2021, the Taikang Community Shen Garden was officially put into operation. The aged in Shenyang is pleased with the Taikang Community Shen Garden. It brings the city and community vigor.


 Taikang Group
 15000 mq
 GUAN Yiqun,SUN Chengyu
 LI Sijia, JIN Xiaoyan, MENG Wei, SHANG Mengqi, HUANG Wei
 WANG Yongwen
 LIANG Wenjun


Founded in 2003, GN Architects is committed to the integration of professional depth, product thinking and artistry, and tries to run through the concept of "mass architecture" in the design practice. We aim to make the design easy to be understood by the public, ensure the final realization, and really participate in the users' life. In the fields of planning, culture and tourism, high-end residential areas, interior and landscape, our projects have made outstanding achievements, especially in the two sub fields of health care and industrial park office. Representative projects include Tencent Wuhan R&D Center, Jushi Technology Building and Flying Carpet, etc.

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