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New Multifunctional Library for the University Campus “Polo dei Rizzi”, a privileged place for socializing


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The new library of the University of Udine “Polo dei Rizzi” campus is a three floors building, occupying approximately 6,000 square meters. It is located in a barycentric position, with the idea that it can serve as a cultural center in its internal spaces, functionally related to the surrounding structures and featured as a privileged place for socialising also in its external areas, which alternate green spaces with pavements. The library has a rectangular shape in which the spaces are articulated around the large central hall, located on the ground floor of the building and distributed on three floors. The central hall represents a large full-height barycentric space, illuminated both laterally and by the shed skylights arranged on the roof. It is configured as a flexible, multifunctional space, equipped with movable steps, which can be used as a reading, conference or convention room, with a maximum capacity of 300 seats and horizontal or inclined configuration. On the sides of the central hall there are two consultation rooms and a room for events. Between the building and the external environment are three patios that act as a filter. The two main entrances to the building, giving access to the large entrance area, which has the double role of reception-control area and exhibition space, are located on the North and North-East sides. A large external staircase, located on the side of one of the two entrances, provides access to the elevated square, configuring it as an open-air space of the building, for the benefit of the students. The overall architectural image of the building is completed by the three-dimensional articulation of the coverage of the main hall provided by the emergence of five sheds and by the modelling of the raised terrace, conceived as a sort of extension of the external relational space provided by the square. The sheds are realized with a load-bearing steel structure supporting a corrugated metal sheet, with expanded polystyrene thermal insulation, with solid wooden planking above, and with an external finish realized with a double-grain aluminum cladding in pre-painted aluminum slats. The roof plan is equipped for the thermo-mechanical systems, visually shielded by a wall covered with aluminum slats, in material continuity with the finish of the shed cover. The outdoor spaces closest to the Library have been designed to guarantee the usability of the access pathways even for people with reduced or disabled mobility. The connection to the external path, which runs adjacent to the escarpment modelling of the ground, is provided by pedestrian walkways that run inside the ground floor level, bordering the patio areas. The building represents the result of a complex integrated and interdisciplinary approach that, on one hand, has payed attention to 3D control and the modelling of the architectural masses, and on the other hand, has managed all the aspects related to the compliance with the functional program set by the University of Udine, configuring an architectural envelope able to respond to a multiple of needs: firstly, those relating to the control of the indoor microclimate, acoustics and the natural aero-lighting of the rooms, guaranteeing, at the same time, the energy saving objectives and the exploitation of renewable natural resources, all in compliance with the relevant standards, also with regard to safety, functionality, and management economies of the entire equipment. The building was designed in accordance with thermal insulation requirements. Most of the external perimeter walls of the new building are made of reinforced precasted elements in aerated autoclaved concrete of various thicknesses, the sizing of which significantly influences both the transmittance and soundproofing values. This type of opaque curtain walling is therefore distinguished by high performance characteristics also in terms of thermal insulation, combining the need to configure a general good quality level of the work.


 Università di Udine
 6.000 mq
 Progettazione architettonica: ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI srl S.B.ARCH. BARGONE ASSOCIATI Arch. Fabiano Micocci Arch. Tommaso Rafanelli / Progettazione strutturale ed impiantistica: 3TI ITALIA S.p.A. / Direzione Lavori e Coordinamento della sicurezza: 3TI ITALIA S.p.A.
 © Rossi Prodi Associati, © 3TI Progetti


ROSSIPRODI ASSOCIATI is an architectural office founded in 1998 that operates in the fields of architecture, interior and urban design. The activity aims at the highest quality in the process of conception and constructive development of buildings and public spaces and is flexible so as to adapt to the different needs of projects of varying complexity and destination.
3TI PROGETTI is the Italian largest independent fully employee-owned engineering company, offering consulting services for 25 years in planning, design, project&construction management of transport (airports, railways, ports, metros, roads) and social infrastructures (hospitals, schools, cultural buildings), with particular attention to environmental aspects.
S.B.ARCH is an architectural and landscape studio founded in 2002. Sbarch has a great interest in the elaboration of complex architectural and landscape projects, studies new approaches for urban re-generation, uses bio-climatic technologies as design strategies.

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