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Ecolodge Vivante, promoting sustainable tourism and reinforcing local identity

Kira Ermantraut

Architectural design
Kira Ermantraut

The “Ecolodge Vivante“ is located on the hillside of a small valley in the atlas mountains in Morocco which is named Aït Bouguemez, overlooking the beautiful landscape of the village and its mountains. The aim of this project is to become a first-rate and eco-friendly resort for national and international tourists, visible from many points around the village. The eco lodge promotes sustainable tourism and the revitalization of climbing and related professions in the High Atlas region. The purpose of the project is the transformation of natural, immediate available resources on the lowest possible level of entropy combined with maximum benefit, into a beautiful architecture with a strong local identity. It will serve as a modern architectural icon adapted with traditional rammed earth, local wood and stone construction. Implementation is planned in 2023. The design task of this building complex requires a multifaceted response to a number of key issues. The urban and natural conditions of the rocky location have to be taken into consideration. At the same time, the technical and programmatic requirements of a sustainable resort need to be addressed.

The typology of this design concept is inspired by two Moroccan archetypes: the rural Kasbah, as the compact place of community life and the Riad house, characterized by its impressive green courtyard with fountain, as the community place. The planned eco lodge enables visitors to immerse themselves in another world, a world full of Moroccan culture and spirit. The design concept of the “hotel of all senses“ focuses on eight theme houses that are lined up along the hillside. Each building throughout the complex represents one of the fantastic five senses - sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. The master plan shows a balance between indoor and outdoor areas. The diversity of public spaces ensures a large spectrum of atmospheres. In the core of the complex, the path leads to the green oasis with fountain, which reminds of a riad in Marrakech.

The staircase playfully offers a circular movement through all the levels of the ensemble and enables the gradual immersion into the culture. One can move above, below and through the complex in an infinite circle of steps. Two axes guide the guest through the complex and mark the relationship with the outside. The cluster of eight building blocks is set into the hillside at different heights, creating multiple panoramic and framed views of the raw beauty of the surrounding nature on the different elevations of the valley. Sunrise, as well as sunset and the changing colours of the sky, can be experienced from anywhere in the house. The terraces not only connect the different rooms, but also emphasize the rocky landscape. The aim of this work is to create a place of rest, which allows one to fully concentrate on oneself and relaxation without distraction or influences from the environment. Longer distances are there to leave time and everyday life behind.


 University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern
 Building and Design


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