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Emak SPA Reserch and Development Center, nestled in the productive heart of Emilia Romagna


Production  /  Completed

The intervention concerned the new construction of a building assigned to center of reserch and development of, an italian company focused in the production and distribution of machineries and accessories for gardening, agricolture, forestry and industry. The company is located in Bagnolo in Piano, province of Reggio Emilia, the productive heart of Emilia Romagna. The new building is a part of an exclusive area dedicated of industrial context, in front of the administration building, beyond which, towards the south are located the buildings destinated for the production. The building stands inside the company campus, placing itself with the aim of redevelop area, through the demolition of a previus building, the enviromental quality of the background, obtaining green spaces and pedestrian connections in replacement of the previus service areas and parking lots. The project finds the fulfillment through the juxtaposition of the volumes corresponding to the three main functions, automatic warehouse and annexes, testing area and technical offices. The body of the testing area is arranged in a barycentric position, placing itself as an introverted body and as the operational heart of the building. The offices section is articulated with greater volumetric complexity, creating at the entrance a green semi-courtyard which finds spatial and visual continuity with the central courtyard of the portion arranged in two levels. Whose projection of the first floor with respect to on the ground floor, it creates a portico of mediation between inside and outside along the entire perimeter. The planimetric composition of the office building consists of a first group around the semi-courtyard of the school entrance, aimed to courses for operators of the museum, a flexible space for exhibitions of the entrance itself, conceived in a double volume where are located the vertical connections with the first floor and through a second group of offices and laboratories around the central green courtyard, crossed on the first floor by a suspended connecting walkway. The three bodies express their different functions also through the internal/external relationship and the material treatment: the warehouse body, illuminated by ribbon windows on the ground floor and shed roof on the first floor, is identified through a metal slat cladding; the test room body, which captures natural light exclusively through skylights placed on the circular corridor, is not covered and has an exposed concrete finish; the office body is conceived with a strong internal/external relationship through the use of a glass facade, covered with vertical painted aluminium pilasters, which is entrusted with the task of solar protection and at the same time the greater representativeness of the building. The modularity, the technical figure, the use of aluminium with which the facade cladding is made are also an attempt to make clear the high technological and technical content that the building enshrines. Finally, an element of material continuity between the volumes is the use of exposed concrete, which acts as a base that runs along the perimeter of the entire compound.


 Bagnolo in Piano (RE)
 5.800 mq
 Architetto Giovanni Olivi
 Arch. Giovanni Olivi
 Stahlbau Pichler
 Alex Filz - Andrea Castellari


Since 2011, the Reggio Emilia based studio has been operating in the fields of architectural and urban planning.

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