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GALDI VILLAGE, a balance between geometry and curves

Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e Design

Office&Business  /  Completed
Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e Design

The client is a company that produces filling solutions in Gable Top cartons, to contain substances, especially liquids. From here comes the idea of designing a structure based on a liquid and the packaging that contains it: on one side the ground floor, an essential geometric shape, rational, rigorous; on the other the first floor, a "non-form" that recalls the liquid element. A large hall dialogues with the garden through two glazed sides. The sensation that follows is that of an agora, a space destined to encounter, which mediates between inside and outside. On the ground floor there are also the canteen with kitchen, built as show-cooking, the gym, the changing rooms of the gym and those for workers. The stairwell creates a sort of central cut both in the liquid and in the rigid form, a sort of funnel that connects the two forms. The staircase is compressed between two massive walls about 11 meters high, which, with their grandeur, give a feeling of narrowing and, almost by capillarity, push the bystanders up or down. The traditionally grey concrete with exposed formwork characterizes the ground floor and the stairwell. The first floor of the building consists of a structure based on a liquid form that determines the spaces almost devoid of walls, organic. In the central part the exhibition space, memory and future of the company was conceived. In the perimeter area are distributed other rooms, intended for meeting rooms or multipurpose spaces. In the realization of this project the garden assumes an important role both for the visual impact but also for its livability. From the underground car park the visitor can move and go up following the paths of the garden until you reach the main entrance. You can also continue the path to the side garden and get to the canteen and the gym. In this area you can sit enjoying the shade guaranteed by an overhang of about 8 meters of the first floor. Arriving in front of the main entrance you can see a Ginkgo Biloba that, planted in the basement, passes through both floors of the structure creating, with a spectacular effect, continuity between the building and the surrounding environment and immediately expressing the eco-sustainability of the building. The entire structure has been certified LEED Gold. LEED is a classification system for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of buildings, developed in America in 1998 by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It is one of the certifications of the ecological footprint for the most important buildings at the international level.


 4500 mq
 Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e design
 Milan Ingegneria s.p.a. - Planex s.r.l.
 Impresa CEV - General Contractor


Roberto Nicoletti founded the Roberto Nicoletti Architettura e Design studio in 2000 where he joined professionals from various disciplines to work in the field of architectural, civil, industrial, landscape and interior design.
After decades of experience in the Benetton group with a role of project manager, in which he has the opportunity to meet companies such as Afra and Tobia Scarpa, Tadao Ando, Luigi Vietti and Arch. landscape architect Sven-Ingvar Andersson, initiates an integrated design studio to be able to work with customers in a wide variety of fields.
Since 2000 the studio has been organizing projects for its customers in all its parts (architectural, structural, plant, landscape and graphic design) under a single direction.
This allows the client to control both artistic and economic objectives.

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