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Sound, shape and spirit of mountain: Yuexiu Tianheng Hill Mansion Lifestyle Gallery

Beijing TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

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Beijing TIANHUA Northern Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Overture of Mountain Full of merit, yet poetically, man dwells on this earth. By Friedrich Holderlin We hope it collects both humanity and materiality and also fuses locality and landscape. Facing contemporary Chinese dilemma: architectural homogeneity, we hope to explore a new design approach incorporating Eastern philosophy. The Sound of Mountain The project is located in Hongluo Villa Area, Huairou District, Beijing. It sits at the main entrance of The Hongluo Scenic Area, Yanqi Lake, Qinglong Gorge, Mutianyu Great Wall and other scenic area of Huairou, lies at the must-pass from centeral Beijing to Huairou. The existing façade along street is in disorder and the left-turning cars are at rather high speed, in that case we need a distinguished image to attract and guide visitors to the site. In terms of function, we plan to use it as a showroom of Hill mansion in first stage and transfer it into lifestyle gallery later. We adopt Overture of Mountain as the concept, hoping that it is a prologue to a story takes place in Huairou, as much as a prelude dedicated to future residents. At the foot of Mountain Yan, in the scene of idealization. The Shape of Mountain The north side of the project is close to the unbroken range of Mountain Yan. We use the house's roof ridge to echo with the trend of mountains and to form a multi-layered continued mountainous scene, eventually creating a visually of mountain, nature and people. In terms of architectural form, we synchronize with Hill Mansion on its west side: modern form with traditional spirit, combining local architectural characteristics of Huairou with northern mansion style. We adopt the format of the triple courtyard house: 2 roofs and 3 yards, symmetrical and ceremonial palace-like arrangement. The modern Chinese symmetrical style of Hill Mansion brings out the luxury of a noble low-density mansion neighborhood. The descending entry eaves creates a psychological change from suppression to enlightment, shows the beauty of symmetry and formality. The 9-meter-high 4-meter-wide ridges figuratively extend to the ground, mimicking the Great Wall, implying ascent and foresight, presenting the showroom right in front of us. Lounge is provided both inside and outside all visually connected to gazebos and scenery at the back of the mountain. In terms of color selection, we use a familiar and intimate grey of the tiles and bricks to go along with royal champagne gold highlighting quality modern Chinese details. The Spirit of Mountain Culture and history are both our inspiration and credential. Inspired by one of the three most popular site of Hongluo: the imperial bamboo forest, we undertake a more open subtle and natural way to interpret our concept towards dwelling. We use a 6-partitioned screen, a gradually unfolding mental bamboo forest and a logo-engraved light wall to present a scene in a frame, combining fantasy and reality. We design from one piece to a modular combination. The two parts complete each other: eaves descend as they rise from the water reflection. The design embodies Chinese philosophy about life's ups and downs. In terms of architectural atmosphere, we integrate images of Hongluo Temple, Mountain Yan, Yanqi Lake and the Great Wall into the building, so that it’s compatible to locality and ambiance. Courtyards and gardens are combined: narrowed and widened with rhyme, scenes changing with every step… It creates a natural scenic dwelling and an easy leisurely Chinese traditional courtyard, also a scenario described as “sheltered by the bamboo, embraced by nature, bathed with poetry”. The sense of Mountain Outstanding architecture is not only shelter from wind and rain or persuits for luxury exterior looking, but also bearer of time, nature, desire and expectations. Outstanding Chinese architecture on the other hand, shouldn’t be a merely renaissance of the past but should tell a contemporary story. We hope we can respond to the voices and needs of people give architecture its own temperament and temperature. We hope Hill lifestyle gallery is not just construction but more a miniature of northern mansion and Huairou scenery, a travelable playful interactive space of local people. Living next to the mountain, neighboring the nature, secluded from the city. Architecture, nature and history fusing together, showing new concept of contemporary dweling.


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Educational background: Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy;

Career background:
2018-2020,Architectural design and research institute of Tsinghua university;
2021-2022,Beijing TIANHUA architecture Planning& engineering Ltd;

2020-2021, Buddhist Institute in Minnan, China;
2019-2020, Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences;

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