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SKYVIEW CHALETS TOBLACHER SEE, an experience according to a phyllo-tactical arrangement


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I conceived Skyview Chalet as a union between a private panoramic deck intended for outdoor relaxation and well-being and a panoramic cabin overlooking the lake. The configuration is a-symmetrical to ensure privacy despite the need to place the modules side by side according to a phyllo-tactical arrangement, i.e. borrowed from the efficient way that plants have to better orient their leaves, in order to ensure maximum exploitation of natural resources. indigenous. Cabin and deck are detached from the ground by metal frames, containing the wiring of all the hydronic backbones, also in order to avoid snow accumulation and, by playing on the levels, to improve the composition of the aggregated modules, so that there is no mutual visual interference and are maximally enhance the best natural views. The Skyview Chalets are, in addition to unique 'containers of experiences', perfect technological machines, in a dynamic balance between the high thermal differences of the host ecosystem and the necessary indoor comfort. This balance is possible thanks to super-performing envelopes and the best use of the natural resources of the place, such as the sun exposure, the orientation with respect to the prevailing winds and the natural shading of the trees of the existing forest, which were absolutely not touched. from the intervention, indeed they constitute an integral and active part of it. The interior of the cabin is conceived as a wooden casket, a very fluid space that allows guests to pass from the panoramic sleeping / relaxation area to the equipped living area on the opposite side: the first has a view of the lake, the second the view of the forest. Between the two rooms, there is a large bright bathroom, a dry sauna cabin, an emotional shower and a second service bathroom. Between the two areas I have created a compartmentalization so that they can be independent if necessary, in case of usability of Guests with children. The large glazed surfaces, also designed for high thermo-technical performance, can be partly opened, guaranteeing effective natural ventilation, and partly fixed: they provide mobile internal darkening systems, to allow the Guest to regulate visuals, contributions of light and privacy, according to your needs. Skyview Chalets therefore prefer the use of living materials such as wood and plants, in continuous evolution and transformation, which are part of the cycles of the natural world and which respond to the stimuli that derive from it. The Skyview Chalets also make use of simple and flexible compositional strategies, not only minimalist, but functional, attentive to form, performances and the ability to adapt to variations in environmental conditions. Like all living organisms, these bio-symbiotic architectures are characterized by a metabolism, which is the resource management system, aimed at keeping alive both the architecture itself and those who live in it, managing light, air and water with skill, temperature and plant biomass in order to generate efficient energy flows.


 Camping Toblacher See
 960 mq
 the ne[s]t_Paolo Scoglio
 Paolo Scoglio


Designer specialized in nature-symbiotic architectural design in Italy and Abroad, for private clients, tour operators and public administrations. He has proudly achieved various international collaborations with Design Studios and leading companies in the highly innovative multi-material prefabrication field. A lecturer at IED and at Politecnico University in Turin and Milan, describes his architectural projects as “natural devices”, characterized by absolute symbiosis with the environment, by full landscape reversibility, by temporary living end use, inspired by “short stay, smart living” spaces, unique in their usage of high-tech and natural materials combinations. His nomadic design studio THE NE[S]T, deals with and specializes in consultancy and prefabricated living unit projects all over the world, characterizing each design with minimal green attributes, that showcase the most advanced parametrical and bio-mimetically design.

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