KORDAS Architects - Medical Practice In Larissa, a narration of simplicity that serves the functional needs and aesthetics
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Medical Practice In Larissa, a narration of simplicity that serves the functional needs and aesthetics

KORDAS Architects

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KORDAS Architects

The medical practice is located in the center of the city of Larissa, in a typical apartment building of the ‘70s. The main objective of the architectural study was to create a contemporary space with the highest possible standards, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. Given the relatively limited floor space, maximizing its use, was a key aspect of the architectural design as well. The practice consists of two distinct functional zones. On one hand, there is the “ public ” zone, where patients move freely (reception, waiting area and services) and on the other hand, there is the “ private ” zone, where the medical services are provided (examination rooms, doctors’ office, services for the employees etc). The “public” section is conceived as an accessible “void”, the free space, through which one enters and moves towards the rest areas, whilst the “private” zone is perceived as an enclosed area, of controlled access, a “solid” form that surrounds the “void” of the patients’ zone, also allowing the unhindered access among its areas for the medical stuff. The arrangement of the boundaries between the two functional zones, forms the architectural concept of the practice. Ιn order to achieve the objectives of the architectural study, the use of curves plays a key role in the definition of the boundaries of space and its character as a whole. In addition, the strict limits of the floor plan, in combination with the vision for unobstructed, smooth movement in the space, led to the integration of the curve. Its presence as an element of the architectural design is depicted on vertical surfaces and in the lighting design. Curves are implemented on walls, design elements and finishes. Recessed linear lighting, as part of the architectural composition, often following the curves, makes the space more familiar and defines the pathways in it. The coexistence of all these elements in a single, clean composition forms a modern and minimal space. Furthermore, crucial for shaping the character of the space is the use of a variety of textures, through the use of special coating and painting techniques, as well as lighting techniques that highlight the architectural elements and the conception of space. The architectural result, in its whole, attempts to present a coherent narration of simplicity that serves equally the functional needs and aesthetics of the project.


 Christos Papadimitriou
 70 mq
 KORDAS Architects
 Aristides Kordas, Hara Triantafyllou
 Konstantinos Kroustallis


The office was established in 2006 with an aim to offer high quality architectural services. The office’s work covers a wide range of building scales and typologies ranging from residential and commercial projects to hospitality, retail and more.

Since their establishment, Kordas Architects have successfully assumed and completed various projects in Greece as well as abroad, resulting in its development into a large, well-organized network of design professionals. The offices’ work has received numerous awards and has been widely published in the Greek and international media and press.

From architectural concept to detail design, KORDAS Architects’ work is defined by passion and precision. In the core of KORDAS Architects philosophy lies a holistic approach towards architectural design, through a well-coordinated management of each project’s unique parameters and a comprehensive approach towards the client’s vision and needs.


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