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Silk Cloud is designed to tempt the viewer to walk in and experience the space


Special Projects  /  Completed
Silk Cloud is an installation created in the entrance hall of an Engineering College building at Pusan National University. The sheer silk fabric sheets, suspended from the ceiling and gently draped in flowing curve form fills the entire hall, featuring as a central component of an active space connecting the lecture hall, exhibition space, and the public lounge. Designed to visually captivate the visitors entering the building, the installation invites the viewer to examine the work up close, move within the layered paths or push the fabric away as one moves through the layers and around the pockets of spaces created within.

The ambiance of the entrance hall changes with time and conjures a sense of lightness, serenity, and surrealness. In the morning, sun-drenched space projects a colored warmth and subtle play of light and shadow. In the afternoon, lightness fills the entire hall with layers of thin silk fabrics emitting a seemingly ethereal glow and cool ambiance. And at night, the beam projection of gently moving images on the surfaces of, and penetrating through the layers of semi-transparent sheets of silk creates a fantastical effect, giving the viewer a seemingly surreal experience.

Measuring 4 meters in height and running 97 meters in length, the installation consists of over 350 square meters of fabric. Prominently visible from the exterior, Silk Cloud is designed to tempt the viewer to walk in and experience the space, intensifying the public and social aspects of the space and draw attention to the adjoining spaces


 Pusan National University
 2000 mq
 Lawrence Kim, Sujin Lee, Daegeon Lee, Hyeonseok Park, Gayeon Kim, Jeongwoo Son, Eunbi Ko, Naeun Kim, Hawon Kang, Sanga Im, Hyeyeon Kim, Nahyeon Ju, Sangyun Lee, Yajun Wen, Minkee Kim, Chanheum Jeong


A+U LAB is a design collective and collaborative practice for architecture and urbanism. Working regionally and internationally, A+U LAB engages a diverse range of work, from cultural, commercial, and residential buildings and interiors to large urban developments and research projects. A+U LAB is led by Lawrence Kim, AIA, LEED AP, an architect and professor at Pusan National University.


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