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Hewang Wisdom Vallyey reflects on the city through connections


Mixed Use  /  Completed
The project " Wisdom Valley " is a group buildings for high-tech enterprises, which is composed of a group of multi-storey buildings with similar blocks and regular structures, with a total gross area of 37670 m2 . A large-span floor layout can be expanded from 1000 m2 to 2000 m2, which can meet the needs of headquarters office, high-tech R & D, production and processing and other mixed function expansion. In addition, the floor load is also considered in the design, and can meet the operation of large machines and industrial deployment. Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are enclosed around the central green space. The space of the central green space is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the Industrial Heritage Garden, which provides public leisure space for the users, and the lower layer is the semi underground space, which provides independent parking space and huge equipment management space for the whole park. Building 2 is a supporting office and Investment Promotion Center, which not only takes office functions into account, but also serves as an independent technology research and development and Innovation Studio. 8. Building 9 is a comprehensive building in the park, which integrates multiple functions. The first floor is the dining-hall in the park, the second to third floors are office and production plants, and the fourth floor is the enterprise headquarters and roof garden. This park not only will meet the needs of high-tech tenant spaces and loads for standardization and mixed function in the future, but also will strive to excavate unique humanistic characteristics and modernity. We try to establish particular articulations with memory and innovative culture of the client by our design work, and also actively explore a spatial identity and characteristics of group industrial architecture with mixed function.

Croup architecture not only faces the connection with the city context, but also intervenes and reflects on the city with its system. In group architecture, the relationship between individual and the whole constrains each other. The tension formed by this restraint makes group architecture excavate the great charm of the place. Fumihiko Maki once elaborated the creation method of group architecture. He said:” Each part is meaningful for the whole, the whole adjusts integral parts. When there is strain between parts and whole, it will lead to the ideal state of future architecture, under the condition that depending relation should be formed form parts and the whole”. In group architectural designs of " Shifan – Huizhi World " and " Hewang Wisdom Valley "with 10 years difference, we all tried to sort out the intervention, association, relaxation and activation between the group and the city, and between the individual and the whole as well. The coordination within the group and individuals based on the city context is a balance and a broad compromise as well.

The building No.2 is located in the corner of Waiqingsong highway and Baishi highway. The building prototype with five stories is divided into three blocks: the lower block is floor one with business center, the middle block is floor two and floor three with training office, and the upper block is floor four and floor five with independent office. The lowest block is parallel to the Waiqingsong highway and the middle block moves slightly to the West and north when the upper block overhangs in the corner of the East Road after turning 90 degrees, and establishes a clear parallel relationship with Baishi highway. The horizontal volume of the building extends in two directions at the road intersection, which structures the straight and interactive relationship between the building and the road, the building and the site, and the building and other buildings as well. Under these relationships, three naturally falling rectangular superposition -blocks are formed. The outer edge points of the superposed blocks are connected to form a serious of natural folding surfaces which forming folded, trapezoidal and triangular shapes in different directions. The building is massive and with tendency of flying. It is like a flying crane of paper folding to shape a huge tension and recognition for the place and the corner of the roads. The interior spaces also come into be natural and rich trapezoid compositions due to the folding surfaces. The atrium linked with the floor one, two and three empty spaces becomes a sharing container, a sophisticated atrium space. The first floor is the business center and showing space. The second and third floors are the training and development area, sharing the container of the atrium hall. The fourth and fifth floors are relatively independent office. The south and east sides of the container are enclosed by composited curtain walls with multi-folded surfaces. Two groups of mega concrete structures support the steel structure system of the folding surfaces. Outside of the steel structures there are the medal keels, the glass curtain wall and the red stretched mesh panels. They shape a rich superposition of multi-layers from a visual stimulation to an organized texture.


 Shanghai Gold Ring Industry Co.Ltd
 37600 mq
 Tingjie (Peter) Liu
 Tingjie (Peter) Liu, Hu Tingjun, Dai Biao,Su Hui,Bai Jing, Li Yuansheng, Shi Yuan
 Shanghai Zhenhuan Coustruction Engineering Development Co.Ltd
 Shanghai Zhongfu Architectural Design Institute
 Zhongqi Kaiao Curtain Wall Decoration Engineering Co.Ltd


" Hewang Wisdom Valley " is located in Baihe Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, at the southwest corner of Waiqingsong highway and Baishi highway, adjacent to East Daying Port in the west and Silu River on the south. In 2019, Qingpu was included in the Yangtze River Delta integration strategic demonstration area and becomes the hub and bridgehead of Yangtze River Delta integration. The project of " Hewang Wisdom Valley " arose at this moment . " Hewang Wisdom Valley " is positioned as an industrial park with the headquarters of high-tech enterprises and high-standard general workshops . Meanwhile, " Wisdom Valley" is also able to quickly meet the demands of high-standard of new formats and features with potentially future upgrade of the urban planning.

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