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Fengsheng 101, the mechanical beauty of the building form


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The Fengsheng 101 project is located next to Lixin Avenue in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. The north side of the project overlooks Nanxiang Mountain and the south side overlooks Guangzhou Pearl River New City, taking the full advantage of being at the core of both the Greater Bay Area and the “Innovation Corridor” connecting Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Thoughtfully embedded in the existing transportation network, Fengsheng 101 aims to be another hub for the 1-hour Living and Social Circle of the Greater Bay Area. The owner Fengle Group thrives to carry its ideal of creating built environment appropriate for business, creativity, and life into this mixed-use project that combines headquarters office spaces, luxury hotels, fashion retails and garden-like residential apartments, to build a comfortable and elegant harbor for the top talents in the Greater Bat Area.

The project has a total construction area of approximately 81,000 square meters and a height of 200 meters, including a wide spectrum of programs mentioned above such as hotels, office spaces, apartments, and retails. Through conversation with the owner, GWP has obtained a comprehensive image of how Fengsheng Group has achieved the diversified business model consisting of real estate along with other investments with breakthrough in the energy industry, just like how a seafaring ship sails with the wind towards unprecedented

The design of the building structure makes full use of the mechanical beauty of the building form. Through the relationship between the two supporting building blocks and the core tube embedded in the bite, and the precise control of the aspect ratio of the building and the core tube, the overall structure Stability and wind resistance, while creating a transparent space for use from the north to the south. The curved surface treatment of the facade and roof not only effectively reduces the wind pressure load of the high-rise, but also saves the whole building a lot of cost compared to the traditional tower structure.

In terms of landscape layout, the team continued the design concept of the main body of the building, with the breeze blowing over the sea echoing the shape of the building's sails, and the waterfront design of the front square created a kind of wind and waves with wind sails and white sails. In the paving, greening and streamline design, it echoes the adjacent Fengsheng Energy Building. Green and ecology are fully integrated into the commercial plaza space, seamlessly connecting the surrounding urban green space to form an overall unified three-dimensional landscape environment, and injecting the comfort and pleasantness of nature into a busy city life.

Piling construction of Fengsheng 101 has been completed and the construction is expected to be completed in 2023.


 81000 mq


Guowei Zhang received his bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and his master's degree from both Harvard and MIT. I once served as the Chairman of ChinaGSD of Harvard Student Union, and organized and led Harvard's China trip to participate in several large-scale "SinoUS City and Architecture Forum" and served as a guest. He is currently the founder and principal architect of GWP Architects. He was elected as a director of Harvard University South China Alumni Association in 2017, and was elected as one of the top ten Chinese design elites in 2018. He later served as the DEC co-founder of the Huaying Association and the DEC Youth of the Huaying Association. Chairman of Design Development Plan, elected as Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Industry Alliance in 2021.

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