PROARH/Davor Matekovic - MORpH: a very complex geometry, fluid form of variable volume
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MORpH: a very complex geometry, fluid form of variable volume

PROARH/Davor Matekovic

Housing  /  Completed
PROARH/Davor Matekovic
The MORpH project is a housing building/accommodation facility for officers/students of the Croatian Military Academy “Dr. Franjo Tudjman ”, in Zagreb, Croatia

The program was to place a large number of units (88) and accompanying facilities on a very small plot and intervene in the historicist fabric. The solution was to place the building as a vertical, in order to move away from the surrounding buildings and avoid ungrateful contact with the historicistic building zone, in which we are implementing the new building. The vertical with a smaller floor plan is more compact, it ensures equivalent perimeter spaces and the opening of the ground floor.
In the context of the milieu of the historical construction, contemporary intervention had to be imperative, as a contrast rather than a quasi or neo-architectural sublimation with tradition. The new object had to be modern in every element and consciously separte from the existing context- the volume is fluid, unlike the cubic ones in the area.

From the very complex geometry of the object (two direction, narrowing cube with rounded edges) it follows that each floor plan is different and must specifically correspond to the previous one in order to achieve that the imagined volume of the new vertical is not static, but changeable, "soft" form. The final name is read as MORpH (MORH is an abbreviation of the client Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia), fluid form of variable volume.

At the same time the façade is asymmetrical in its heterogeneous structure as a contrast to the pure symmetries of the openings from historicism and modernity. This structure is achieved by perforating the monolithic wall canvas with loggias and windows and superimposing a stylized, pixelated masking pattern throughout the building's skin.

The main construction elements are made of concrete ( foundations, slabs, columns, beams). The area between the columns is filled with large format bricks and finished with ventilated monolith cladding system facade.
Outer space is designed as a white concrete square connecting the builidng with the main street and the sidewalk. The square is shaped as an offset footprint, with trees and concrete benches, casted in place.

This housing building has 12 floors with 7 studios on each floor. The 13th floor has 4 larger one bedroom apartments. The 14 th floor is a restaurant/mess for the users while the top, 15th floor is a spa/gym area with an outdoor terrace space. The overall building footprint is 410 m2 ona plot of 2000 m2.


 Ministry of Defence of Republic of Croatia
 5548.0 mq
 Davor Matekovic
 Vedrana Jančić, Tomislav Stojan, Tina Havranek
 Damir Fabijanic, Miljenko Bernfest


Proarh is an architectural office founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Zagreb. Under the management of its founder and principal architect Davor Matekovic, the firm has evolved into a multidisciplinary workshop, creating different projects of various functions, typologies, as well as programmatic and spatial dimensions.

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