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Living The Noom is a sanctuary of conscious life: Wellness Living, Sustainability and Flexible Living

sanzpont [arquitectura]

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sanzpont [arquitectura]
How would you like to live the rest of your life? We have asked ourselves the same question. Each one of us has different tastes, needs and priorities. So, why are all the homes for sale almost, all the same? Most of the time, users have to choose the least bad option. That is the reason why Living The Noom aims to propose a new housing concept for the real estate market. It aims to be a sanctuary of conscious life based on 3 main axes: Wellness Living, Sustainability and Flexible Living.

Today's homes are built in a way that makes us more prone to physical and emotional illness. On the contrary, Wellness Living centres design to prevent health problems and cultivate healthier lifestyles. A healthy home must be designed following several aspects grouped in 10 main concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community. To achieve wellness, the spaces, ambience and amenities are designed to ensure user´s health. Some Wellness characteristics applied in the project are interior air renovation through natural ventilation, low VOC emission materials, glare control via indirect light, space with autonomy of natural light, relative humidity control, control of exterior noise through the green facade and urban gardens to ensure that users have access to healthy food.

We care about nature and we believe that our duty is to simply coexist and have respect for the earth. That is the reason why we have decided to only occupy a maximum of 30% of the land, respecting the existing trees, and providing even more green surface than we found, increasing the total green area by 130% with the implementation of green roofs and facades.

Passive and bioclimatic design strategies are proposed to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of the building, taking advantage of natural light and generating energy, through photovoltaic solar panels located on the roof.

All interior spaces have natural light. This is achieved through the facades, where each unit has a single level taking advantage of 360 degrees of natural light. A bamboo and vegetation cover is used to mitigate the overheating of the facades and to have better control of the light and an adequate thermal environment in the interior spaces. This green facade also creates a barrier to pollution and reduces the Heat Island effect.

The project also applies an intelligent use of water, both inside and outside the building, using technologies to reduce consumption, efficient installations, recycling water through the separation of greywater, then taking advantage of it for the irrigation of green areas, as well as its control and measurement. In addition, the selection of responsible and local materials is proposed to minimize the amount of waste in construction, as well as materials with recycled components and low environmental impact.

All the sustainable and bioclimatic techniques mentioned above, help the project to have 85% of energy savings.

The project consists of 3 buildings; each one of 4 stories and a roof garden. Each housing unit is 120 square meters, except for the one-bedroom unit, of 60 square meters. The buildings are composed of a concrete structure and an independent bamboo facade.

Why try to fit in a place where you don't belong? We design a flexible living, an open plan building. Every floor is an open space designed as an office building where multiple configurations could be designed according to each user´s needs. This system is possible because MEP systems run through the exterior between the outer wall and the bamboo exterior skin, everything occluded by the vegetation layer. This allows all the facilities to go perimeter on the outside, with free access to them.

Society is heterogeneous in ways of thinking and we are convinced that to truly have a full life, a community must be formed. For that reason, we are looking for lovers of animals, art and nature, with the objective to bring closer people who share ideals and values.


 1600 mq
 Victor Sanz Pont, Sergio Sanz Pont and Álvaro Licona in collaboration with Rubén and Adolfo Pedrajo
 Victor Sanz Pont, Sergio Sanz Pont and Álvaro Licona in collaboration with Rubén and Adolfo Pedrajo
 Ali García and Jose Miguel Cano


VICTOR and SERGIO SANZ PONT, twin brothers and co-founders of sanzpont [arquitectura], with offices in Barcelona, Cancun, and Chicago in partnership with Alvaro Licona. They see architecture as functional and comfortable art that has to adapt to the site throughout BIOCLIMATIC. Their design methodology is entirely tridimensional using BIM technologies. With several international awards, their design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, creativity, and showing great respect for the environment.

ALVARO LICONA, partner and co-founder of Sanzpont USA in Chicago. He is also the co-founder of a real estate company specialized in creating contemporary spaces in Mexico City. Through design and construction, he provides a meaningful experience, creating unique and customer-appropriate solutions while maintaining the natural and built environment, the user´s needs, and community. His professional career has allowed him to develop projects in Europe, Asia, and America.

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