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Adamant Tijuana, not only an architectural landmark but also a urban sculpture


Housing  /  Completed
Adamant Tijuana is a residential complex located in Baja California, México. The general volume of the building is made up of the intersection of the terraces and parasols making a kind of textured pigeon house that generates elegant and rhythmic proportions that embrace the complex. The top of the building crowns the complex with an expressionist and elegant concrete frame that blurs the geometric partition of the building, breaking the rhythm and consolidating the project as an architectural landmark in the skyline of the city. This carefully designed corner partition provides a terrace per apartment so that the inhabitants do not feel limited within four walls and can also have contact with the outside, as well as the best views of the city. In this way, they also have access to their own recreational space that opens possibilities for contemplating the environment. The building prostrates itself as the top of the street and gives the urban context an element of presence that was necessary to consolidate the area within its new growth. Adamant Tijuana is an architectural landmark and urban sculpture: the curvature of its terrain allows the design to draw a rhythmic torsion that contrasts with the orthogonality of the rest of its geometries.

The sunny conditions of the area were carefully studied in order to use sustainable resources such as brisoleils, which cushion the wild sun in the north of the Mexico. The proportions of the building walk as the sun walks, so that the inhabitants can ensure the best temperatures and weather conditions without resorting to air conditioning, thanks to the design of parasols and cross ventilation. The project has 200 apartments ranging from 36m2 to 160m2 and offer a possibility of 14 different distributions in 26 levels, parking, public areas for coexistence and the most luxurious and equipped amenities. Thus, users and inhabitants can enjoy a private life and at the same time build community in public areas that favor coexistence between neighbors.

The apartment tower is accessed through the motor lobby that represents the transition from the city to the house: it is a game between two scales and sensations, a hard square and a soft one that marks these dualities architecturally. The threshold of access to Adamant Tijuana is a generous portico that welcomes the inhabitant and visitor. The amenities are on the third level in order to maximize the public area and move the pool above the parking lot, a pool that allows you to fully enjoy the weather and also serves as an elegant mirror of water reflecting the power of the construction that runs above it.

Adamant Tijuana mixes luxury, practicality and modernity in the same architectural container. It works to respond to the needs of the inhabitant and at the same time tries to provide it with well-being and a sense of community.


 Milk Life
 24500 mq
 Mayer Hasbani
 Oliver Burgos, Fredy Angeles & Paola López.
 Milk Life Investments
 Structure: AG2M, MEP: JAZA, Landscape: DLC
 Facade: VITRO, Lighting Design: SOMBRA, Concrete: CEMEX
 Onnis Luque


MAYER HASBANI was established in the 2000 in Mexico City, with the mission of becoming the Mexican architecture office with the highest level of expertise in the market. 20 years and a range of over 40 architectural works after, meets its objectives facing a thriving, developed city with huge ambitions. Today the architecture office is an international design firm adopting all the needs and particularities of the global and competitive market in its projects to create truly contemporary work design for today that keeps tomorrow in mind. We reinvent the architectural practice through a joint working model: analysis, design, creativity and above all, the knowledge and experience of all members of the firm.
Through the most sophisticated international systems for design processes, we meet the standards of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the methodology of the project management institute (PMI) and uses specialized tools provide by the Building Information Model (BIM).

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