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“me and all”, the new boutique hotel with a urban natural chic' design


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The new boutique hotel brand ‘me and all’ in Kiel, Germany features JOI-Design’s ‘urban natural chic’ concept with the relaxed, one-of-a-kind persona that characterises lifestyle destinations. The public areas’ design answers the client’s brief to provide guests and locals with an unconventional welcome and uncomplicated hospitality that immediately instils ease. Natural references create a down-to-earth atmosphere, while recycled timber wall cladding contributes towards an impressive Level 4 rating in Germany’s GreenSign sustainability certification. Casual maritime accents reference the property’s proximity to the port and water leading towards the Baltic Sea, while steel and concrete elements allude to a shipyard’s rough-and-ready character.

Vibrant touches from local artisans reinforce the individualised atmosphere, and sensitively incorporated nautical elements avoid kitsch through clever details guests notice upon second glance. For example, the buffet’s hand-painted wall tiles are from Antikbau Stawe, a small tile maker near Kiel, and the illuminated pipe installation was crafted by a local independent ironmonger. References to the world of sailors and the sea are made with a twinkle in the eye. This synergy of nature, nostalgia, and humour invites guests to relax and linger.

Key to creating a comfortable feel within the open plan at all times of day was the creation of an intuitive circulation flow that guides guests from space to space: check-in; lounging; co-working; gym; billiards; selfie photobooth; library; restaurant; bar; and two conference rooms. Visual techniques provided the solution:
* Window-side seating platforms are slightly raised so disturbance from passers-by outside is minimised.

* Vibrant foliage organically delineates zones

* A ‘pop-up’ greenhouse connects to the kitchen for the breakfast buffet and refreshments between conference sessions. Constructed from metal frames reminiscent of those in a shipyard, the structure easily folds away to increase space.

* Lightbulbs spelling out ‘WOW’ draw attention to the bar from a distance, especially at night, and inject a greater spirit of fun than the obvious word, ‘BAR’.

The me and all brand’s ‘local hero’ policy sees it partner with favourite nearby food vendors in the hotel’s bar and lounge. Guests enjoy snacks from Grillyidol and Kiel’s popular Aloha Dogs every night from 6 – 10 p.m., while beer is from regional craft brewers and coffee is sourced from local bean roaster Loppo. Another local hero partnership saw the greenhouse and foliage walls created by an interior contractor and a professional ‘room greening’ plant specialist. Combined with the lobby’s hanging woven chairs and latticed wall lamps, the décor exudes a stress-free vibe that supports the brand’s boutique ethos.

Balancing costs (undisclosed) with a boutique lifestyle ‘look’ must always be resolved when designing budget/select service hotels. JOI-Design set priorities and fought to combine authentic materials; real timber floors and wall cladding; and smooth, high-quality leathers within a building envelope with open ceilings and raw concrete architectural elements. As a result, the me and all Kiel has an unconventional yet genuine interpretation of the spirit of shipyards that inspires warmth and community.


 me and all hotels GmbH by Lindner Group
 6590 mq
 AZ- Architekten, DÄLKEN Ingenieurgesellschaft
 JOI-Design IAD joehnk + partner mbB
 Christian Kretschmar for JOI-Design


The urban natural chic’ concept for new brand ‘me and all’ in Kiel, Germany, channels the rough-and-ready character of shipyards into an unconventional and uncomplicated hotel that puts guests at ease. Recycled natural materials contribute to a GreenSign Level 4 sustainability certification. Sensitively incorporated maritime details noticed upon second glance avoid kitsch. Visual techniques create an intuitive flow guiding guests from space to space: window-side seating platforms are slightly raised to minimise disturbance from passers-by; vibrant foliage organically delineates zones; a ‘pop-up’ greenhouse connected to the kitchen for the breakfast buffet and conference and the illuminated ‘WOW’ installation draws guests’ attention to the bar. By combining authentic, high-quality materials like timber and leather with open ceilings and raw concrete, the me and all Kiel’s unconventional yet genuine interpretation of shipyards inspires warmth and community.

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