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Homes in the Pastures made of salvaged timber - Luxury Zirmerhof Hotel


Hospitality  /  Completed
Homes in the Pastures are two small wooden architectures which add 6 master bedrooms to the luxury Zirmerhof Hotel, Redagno di Sopra, situated in the verdant mountains of South Tyrol.
The two buildings are realized with timber salvaged after the Vaia storm of October 2018,
which tore down 14 million trees, also damaging the woodland around the Zirmerhof Hotel.
The Project transformed this felled timber into an installation of art and architecture. The
objects and spaces in the “Case del Prato”, all designed by AMDL CIRCLE, contemplate and
complement one another. The Case del Prato are conceived as sculptural volumes. They are positioned on sloping pastures, in front of the majestic historicanMaso (farmstead). All around, tranquillity and beauty, the two Houses appearing as two sculptures inserted into the skyline of the field, the slopes of Adige valley and Dolomite mountains. They replace the former parking lot which impacted the view for the hotel guests and which has been relocated in a more secluded area. Instead of cars and concrete, the two houses form a welcoming piazza where the history of the farmstead dialogues with the nature of the fields and woodland.
Each detail has been designed to be in harmony with the nature, the history and sensibility
of Zirmerhof. First and foremost, the choice of using the timber felled by storm Vaia
to construct the houses. The salvaged pinewood has been used for beams and to build loadbearing walls, while formwork, cladding and internal walls and floors were realized with the salvaged larchwood. Wood is, of course, the key player in the whole design, chosen for ability to transform over time while maintaining a synergy with the rhythms of nature, also after
being felled, sawn, processed and recomposed.
From a formal perspective, the curved lines of the roofs recall the form of traditional barns.
Clad with larchwood shingles, the roofs recapture an ancient construction technique that
is still used in certain parts of the Dolomites, which enables the cladding of rounded
surfaces. Sharing a similar rounded form, the two Houses have different layouts. The first
is circular and accommodates two suites located on two different levels, while the second
is linear and houses four apartments on two levels and a convivial double-height area in the centre. Both architectures are completed by panoramic terraces on the top floor, and
by the arches of the continuous portico on the ground level. The squared doors and windows
are inspired by the traditional windows of mountain houses.
Outside is the landscape, inside is the atmosphere. The scenographic interiors are made
possible by Produzione Privata, the company founded by Michele De Lucchi to design and
produce experimental objects while supporting local artisans. Produzione Privata allows
AMDL CIRCLE to create installations where objects and interior design develop alongside
the architecture. The contemporary feel of the environment is determined by the careful
and attentive design of each single element. To recall the antique furniture of the farmstead,
many of the interior pieces in the Case del Prato have been realized in walnut and are
characterized by certain elements typical of local decor.
Nothing must disturb the tranquility of the environment, in a restorative harbour far from the
frenzy of urban life. From the interlacing of the truss ceiling that reflects the rhythm of the
wall and floors, to the choice of finishes and furnishings, everything has been conceived
to provide comfort and relaxation. The colour palette and the textures of wood and fabric
communicate warmth and welcome. The necessary technology is integrated and invisible.
The windows are conceived as scenic elements that frame the landscape and invite the eye
and the mind to wander and find peace and calm in the natural surroundings.


 Redagno di Sopra
 Hotel Zirmerhof
 550 mq
 Michele De Lucchi
 Angelo Micheli, Elena Naldi, Giacomo Nava, Alessandro Ghiringhelli, Federica Cevasco, Alberto Nason
 Robert Veneri (Coordination of executive project and director of work)
 Produzione Privata, Artemide, Rubinetteria Stella
 Max Rommel


AMDL CIRCLE is a creative multidisciplinary studio renowned for its humanistic architecture
and design. It is led by Michele De Lucchi, one of Italy’s leading architects and designers.
Headquartered in Milan, Italy, the Studio is built on 40 years of pioneering work on iconic
projects including the Unicredit Pavilion in Italy, the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi and Artemide’s
Tolomeo, the world’s most popular designer lamp. According to AMDL CIRCLE humanistic
principles, the continuous search to improve the quality of life, both physical and intellectual,
constitutes the very foundation of design.

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