Gao Shanxing - Oriental Movie Metropolis Show Theater: a conch inspired by marine culture
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Oriental Movie Metropolis Show Theater: a conch inspired by marine culture

Gao Shanxing

Culture  /  Completed
Gao Shanxing
The proposal concept comes from a conch-one of the oldest marine creature.Combined with the unique marine culture of Qingdao,the Show Theater creates an abstract and dynamic shape with vertical conch texture.Standing by the sea,the Show Theater and the Grand Theater in a beautiful contrast .They look the same,but with some changes.One is quiet,and one is lively,which adds a lot of vitality.
"The heart is on the ground and natural, responding to the next era", the Show Theatre takes it as the core aesthetic principle and starting point of inspiration. In terms of locality, environmental perception and the spirit of the times, it is demonstrated through architectural performance functions with customization, material shaping systems, and orderly, complex and elegant spatial organization. The curvilinear form language implies multi-level metaphors.
In order to realize the design concept, the Show Theatre adopts a spirally ascending curve form covered with a full glass curtain wall to express the natural texture of the conch. This structural form determines that most of the glass are hyperboloid, and require customized processing. During construction, the complexity of the components and the requirements for installation accuracy are very high, the installation and positioning of a large number of special-shaped glasses are difficult, and the deformation of complex steel structures is difficult to control. In order to ensure safety, there are high requirements on the precision of steel consumption, displacement control and synchronization during the construction process.
At the beginning of facade design, the Show Theater shape was defined as a hyperboloid of negative Gaussian curvature with different curvatures everywhere. It brings great difficulty to the subsequent processing, and also causes the high cost of curtain wall processing. According to the basic design principles defined by related structural design and morphological requirements, and through the establishment of Grasshopper-assisted design logic, we optimize the traditional basic surface morphology defined by the orthogonal UV direction, and achieve a positive design optimization of construction-oriented.
Dominated by the initial design concept, the project applies the forward BIM methodology to introduce the parametric control of spatial curves in the very first stage of design. Integrating the artistic design of form as well as the construct of NURBS curves and surfaces, the elegant double shells concept fits well with the function of theater. During the whole design and construction process, forward BIM technology is used for the design communication and file control, which enable s the best translation of the initial design concept to the final built structure of the theater as well as the combination of art and technology.


 Sunac China Holdings Limited
 21789 mq
 Gao Shanxing
 Wu Qingshan Studio


Dr. Gao Shanxing has more than 20 years of architectural experience in Mainland China 
and Hong Kong, especially in the field of commercial architecture. He is an experienced 
and passionate architect.
Dr. Gao Shanxing has served as a principal designer or project leader for many different 
types of projects, including large complexes, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, 
theaters, shows, snow resorts, etc. He is particularly good at dealing with complex and 
comprehensive projects including shopping malls, commercial buildings, hotels and 
With years of practice and exceptional insight, Dr. Gao Shanxing has developed his own 
unique and successful experience in architectural design, which has often benefited his 
projects. He is good at making use of architectural language, endow architectural 
emotion and soul, transform wonderful design into tangible value, and create unique 
space and maximum value for the owners and the society.

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