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BFA Theme Park, new life for an abandoned small fishing village


Renovation  /  Completed
BFA Theme Park is located in Dongyu Island, Hainan Province, which is the permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia. The project includes Boao Forum for Asia Hotel, East Island Hotel and other large buildings. The original site is an abandoned small fishing village, in which there are several dangerous houses. Architects restore the memory of the village as far as possible and and then translate it into the design language, making the project a bridge connecting the new and the old.

The idea of planning and design comes from the texture of the small fishing village. After finishing the on-site exploration, the concept of preserving village texture is adopted and the courtyard is recombined, while the local elements and symbols are retained to meet the functional needs of Boao Forum for Asia's 20th anniversary activities.

The tourist center and promenade on the east edge of the original village make the boundary of the project and the old trees and ancient wells are preserved as the courtyard center. In the meantime, the present machine repair workshop on the east side is transformed to a VIP village living room, which is mainly used for informal and leisure meetings of national leaders. The original village is based on the 5.6X10m aboriginal residential unit as the basic element, surrounded by 9 separable courtyards, forming different rural courtyard spaces. The spaces serve as an exhibition room for the Boao Forum for Asia's 20th anniversary review exhibition, and can provide public place according to the market demand.

The new tourist center and promenade are the fusion and reconstruction of rural culture and modern architectural concepts. As a building with the most public function in the park, its role tends to be a regional cultural memory place. Therefore, the modern architectural construction method and the traditional non-material modality of space transmission are indispensable. The warm-colored wood grain aluminum grille reduces the heavy feeling of the surrounding large brick walls. Considering the sunshine in Hainan, a glass curtain wall is arranged behind the north grille, so that the sight can penetrate the grille from inside to outside. While the visitors are walking along the corridor, they can see the indoor scene from the outside, which reflects the public nature of the tourist center and the vague sense of boundary with the surrounding environment.

The present machine repair workshop on the east side is transformed to a VIP village living room and the original structure of the workshop is preserved, in which the flow space connected by several small spaces is created. The new and old spaces are mixed together through the flowing streamline.


 Boao Cosco Shipping Co. LTD
 2029.3 mq
 Du Song(lead), Liu Zhipeng, Liang Yanni, Tan Chuan, Wang Xiaozhu, Wang Miao, Li Xuhui
 Tan Chuan, Yao Zhenjia


Beijing Institute of Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd is a large-scale state-owned architectural design and consulting institute established in 1949, the same year the PRC founded. Beijing Municipal People’s government funded and established this wholly state-owned company in accordance with Company Law, it is also a first grade enterprise under supervision and management of the Beijing Municipal People's Government State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

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