SPACTOR - Multi-leveled Garden, a factory becomes a comprehensive office building
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Multi-leveled Garden, a factory becomes a comprehensive office building


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This project is transformed from a simple factory building into a comprehensive office building. We call it Multi-leveled garden.
We removed the original simple roof and wall, strengthened and restructured the structural system, and added a core tube at the location where the two parts of different floors intersect to serve the entire building. We have reserved an entrance and exit on the east and north sides to expand the use of the building. On the ground floor, a cafe, library and themed exhibition hall are set up. On the first floor, a lecture hall and a multifunctional hall are reserved to enrich the commercial functions of the entire building. We collectively call these spaces other than office space public space, and the rest are all office space. The two spaces use completely different design methods. From the perspective of the facade, the public space uses a glass curtain wall and the office space is a concrete wall, which makes it visually contrast. Privacy. In order to introduce more daylight, we increased the window opening size on the south facade as much as possible, and opened skylights in the public walkway to create a light and shadow corridor. On the first-floor roof, we designed a roof garden for people to rest, communicate and relax to expand the green area of the plot.
We have added an annex on the east side of the plot to enrich the format distribution of the plot. The main settings are underground parking lots, unmanned supermarkets and sunny restaurants. Due to the limited area of the plot, in order to maximize the installation of green space, we set up the parking lot underground and introduced an intelligent parking system. People only need to wait at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. In this way, the number of parking spaces has reached four times that of ordinary parking lots, which just meets the parking needs of the project. In terms of architectural form, we used the same design method as the main building, and designed a terrace on the ground floor in the form of a cascade with the same area as the interior.It echoes the roof garden of the main building and green space on the ground, forming a Multi-leveled garden.
The two buildings complement each other.
We redesigned the moving line of the entire plot, focusing on the action line of people. The main entrance was set in the middle of the two buildings, and the vehicle entered from the west side and drove from the back of the building to the entrance of the parking lot. Completely achieve the effect of human and vehicle shunt.


 Taiwei Group
 6130 mq
 Feng Yu,Li Xinmeng,Yang Xinrong,Sun Qingfeng,Xing Yan


SPACTOR specializes in the design of architectural reconstruction, with the sustained attention to the relationship between urban development and human life as well as the influence on environment. By cross-disciplinary talent cooperation, we seek for renewable and sustainable development of architecture, and add cultural and self value to urban development brought by architecture, to rebuild the relationship between architecture and social environment as well as the unique urban culture for each individual city.
Based on design research, we explores and probes into various subjects, including cultural and academic, commercial and mixed-use, hospitality, corporate, and residential, and provide the best solution for the functional transformation of different types of buildings, covering all aspects of master planning, architectural design, interior design and so on.

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