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housEmotion installation considers the emotional meaning of home in an age of increasingly transient living. There is a variety of perceptions of what home really is today. The question ‘Where are you from?’ prompts myriad answers. The meaning of home for a person may simply be a smartphone with a full memory. Or it may be something more fundamental to our sense of self – Tabanlıoğlu also reference the psychoanalyst DW Winnicott and his groundbreaking work on childhood development, Home is Where We Start From.

The pavilion starts with the most elemental idea of a house: a cubic form. This is created using a series of white rods, a simple border demarcating the limits of the home. The gaps between the rods lend a semi-transparency to the structure, drawing visitors in but also allowing the home to dissolve into the wider environment. The walls, perhaps even the home itself, are seen to be illusory.

Once visitors step inside the structure, it again takes on the homely role of a shelter. A divan is placed in the heart of the space, “like a mother’s lap”. It is a place where visitors will want to spend time, relax and meet new people. At night, lights embedded in the rods will turn the structure into a glowing lantern, or perhaps a warm hearth. The resulting form is truly monolithic with optical illusions at different angles. Space is carved out from the cube in the form of home and provides shelter in the lightest possible way. Lighting Design echoes the spatial qualities of the installation, At night, lights embedded in the rods turn the structure into a glowing lantern and attracted more and more visitors.

The installation, greeted its visitors in the courtyard of the Somerset house between 4-23 September 2018 as the Pavillion of Turkey in the London Design Biennale. The theme of LDB 2018, ‘Emotional States’ was open to broad interpretation across design disciplines, with immersive and engaging installations that interrogate how design affects every aspect of people’s lives – the way we live and how we live – also influencing our very being, emotions and experiences. The installation responded to the theme by taking the fundamentals of communication: We can reach the other only through emotions. Despite our age of technology, speed and virtual existence, the space - and relatively architecture – has the most influential role in experiencing real(-time) situations, that is building relations and emotions. With reference to “Home is Where We Start from”, back to the root, the experience of home is symbolized in the structure conveying the simplest image of a house.


 United Kingdom
 London Design Biennale
 25 mq
 Ali Caliskan, Gonca Arık Caliskan, Deniz Hidiroglu, Sena Altundag, Yusufcan Akyuz, Elif Simge Fettahoglu
 Omer Kanipak, Elif Simge Fettahoglu


Headed by Murat Tabanlioglu and Melkan Gursel, the practice focuses on residential, commercial, mixed-use, public and cultural projects realised mainly in MENASA, CIS and Europe, and lately in the USA. Tabanlıoğlu Architects has a long family tradition and is the culmination of over 60 years’ architectural experience. Tabanlioğlu Architects believes that one of the big issues inherent in urban development is to create city spaces that are interactive, to allow citizens to truly mingle; that in order to make better cities; buildings should be multifunctional and take inspiration from both ceremonial and informal public spaces. With offices in Dubai, Doha, London and New York, the practice strives for new efficiencies in terms of global and environmental needs, incorporating new technologies with smart local solutions into their work.

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