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West-Land House


Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
West-Land House, Geneva, CH. / STUDIOLANDECY

- A living space open to landscapes

To adapt an existing house to the evolution of a family, the original 480m² house has been extended by an extension on the garden, grouping together the collective living spaces. The new volumes open largely to the landscape, which is an integral part of the architectural composition. The project respects everyone's living space, from collective to private spaces. The architecture of Villa West-Land focuses on the creation of a new space organized from family's life. Without any preconceived ideas on the model and style to be developed, the architect and the client shared the idea of designing the project in the "Space-Light-Landscape" relationship, as a major expression of a living space.

-The situation
Located in the countryside of Geneva, the original house was only a modest country pavilion of white wood. The expansion of the house has profoundly changed the relationship with the site. The architectural proposal consists in grafting 2 sides pavilions on the original volume. The initial envelope was largely opened to ensure the continuity of the reception and community living spaces. Organized as a "Garden Level", the new house becomes a gallery open to the landscape and topped by a "night pavilion".

-The relationship to the landscape

The interior spaces are built based on the relationship between "light and view". The building is permeable to natural light on all these surfaces, including the roof. Large sliding walls strengthen the relationship between inside and outside.
The staging of a large table gives the impression of dining "outdoors" when the landscape appears in a shape of a large indoor painting. The entire geometry thus contributes to the entire lighting system, from the natural light quality of collective spaces to the semi-darkness of private spaces.

-The structure

The metal structure contributes to the composition. It is based on 2 main supporting points, allowing the entire interior space to be freed from any other supporting element. Like a "Meccano", the defined grid can freely be adapted to the desired variations and openings.

-The organization of "Furniture Walls".

The facades are thick and designed as a long linear wooden box. The windows are composed like frames to the landscape. The outer shell consists of a double insulating skin integrated into a wooden structure and covered with a composite resin and wood cladding.

-Materials and colours

The materials and colours correspond to the reflective qualities of the materials. The whole is composed of 3 shades of grey, punctuated by a single bright colour, in the interior of the bar-kitchen area, where family's life is focused. This "furniture", designed like an MDF chest, is located in the centre of the collective space, permeable and open to the reception area and the view of the garden. A well of light provides zenithal light and natural ventilation.

-The kitchen

It is designed as a multi-purpose living space : family lunch, brunch with the children, a workspace, a bar to meet with friends. A place of relaxation open to the landscape.
The mineral trays are made of black granite, the walls of lacquered wood. Light columns allow the intensity of the light to be adjusted to suit the desired atmosphere. A large storage space is inserted in this big piece of furniture, which also includes a bar and a library.
Those multiple uses make the kitchen space the main living area and the "heart" of the architectural project.


 110 mq
 Jean-Michel Landecy
 StudioLandecy- Strata
 Civil Engineer: Thomas Jundt
 Kitchen designer: STUDIO 4, FR. - COMPREX, IT. and wooden furniture : SERGATECH, CH.
 Jean-Michel Landecy



Architect, scenographer, photographer

Fascinated by the influence of light on the perception of architectural spaces and landscapes, Jean-Michel Landecy focus his research in an interdisciplinary field of creation by combining photography, scenography and architecture. Graduated from the Paris-Belleville School of Architecture in June 1990.

His projects offer contemporary solutions in the fields of architecture, scenography, interior design and landscape architecture. These reflections are reinforced by the field of education and visual communication.

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