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Project Vermoesen

Pascal François Architects

Kitchen Design Special Contest  /  Completed
Pascal François Architects
The project, realised in Baron Romain Moyersoenpark 9, 9300 Aalst
(Belgium), is located at the end of a tranquil street. After the first site-visit it
was clear the location would play a clear roll in the design process.

An old oak tree stood proud on the construction site. It was quickly decided
to use this feature as the anchor point of the building. The tree was
incorporated and enclosed by the building. Being visible when entering the
building via the entranceway, towards the living quarters.

It was decided to cover the front façade with wooden lattices; with front door
and the garage doors incorporated in this wooden façade. Providing privacy
for the living room and kitchen area. In addition to these wooden lattices, we
used dark red bricks as façade material.

For the interior we aimed to create a pure atmosphere, using only 2 materials
as accents for walls, floors and furniture.
The floors are finished in granito, with custom cement and aggregate colours,
complementing and referring to the other materials it’s colours.
In this way the colour of the aggregate is a reference towards the brick used
in the façade.

The second accent is made with wooden panels. In continuation of the big
oak anchor point, oak veneer was chosen for the walls in the entrance hall.
This veneer is used trough the building and gives a warm atmosphere.
The furniture consists of the veneer walls with hidden storage spaces
(cloakroom, toilet) and accent stone granito volumes (seeming to extrude
from the granito floors).

The kitchen furniture consist of both veneer, Corian and the granito material
as fronts.
For the kitchen island, we aimed to create a seemingly solid volume of
granito. On the side of the dinner area this solid volume is divided into
smaller panels, some hiding storage compartments. These can be accessed
by a push-pull mechanism.

On the cooking side of the island we left space for a big work area, with
underneath space for kitchen appliances. The electrical sockets are
incorporated in the seam between the countertop and the closet doors. This
seam also functions as the handle for the closet doors.

To achieve this solid appearing material, we thinned the granite slabs (made
specifically for this project) to 5 mm. This granito ‘veneer’ was glued to a
honeycomb structure to give strength while limiting total weight.
Behind this kitchen island is the countertop for cooking and the sink area,
enclosed by 2 oak veneer walls. Both the kitchen island and cooking
countertop are finished in Corian.

The sink is finished in black with the faucets sunken into the sinks whole.
Between cooking plate and sink we added a drying basin, this is achieved by
placing the Corian countertop 3 mm lower.

In this way the whole kitchen is kept clean and still very functional. The
kitchen island being it’s main eyecatcher with it’s granito finnish.
We hope to have achieved a clear vision and project for the costumer.


 Mr. and Mrs. Vermoesen
 340 mq
 Pascal François Architects
 Pascal François, Charlotte Muller, Astrid Maes
 Nico Bronselaer (contractor) , De Meermans (Carpenter)
 Engineer UTIL, light-study Sign (Guido Gysens)
 De Croock (Windows), Granito Bernadin Terrazzo (Granito), VOLA, Eggermont (granito CNC-carving)
 Thomas De Bruyne (


The office of Pascal Francois Architects is located in the Belgian area of East
Flanders. Based in the city Aalst we mainly try to focus on private housing
and try to achieve each time a very detailed project. Each project aims to be
thoughtful towards it’s residents and environment.

A key aspect of the practice is the incorporation of all furniture in the
architectural project. We believe even a door-handle can achieve an
additional experience towards the whole project. Each project is seen as a
gesamtkunstwerk in which the client can feel a personal connection with the

As we try to achieve a high level of detailing and incorporate the big and
small scale in the project, the focus of our office is always oriented towards
the craftsman. We love to have extensive sessions with craftsman to achieve
the best result for each project.

In ways mentioned above we try to make a difference with each project. This
way we hope each client finds a great way

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