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Ariel Isaac Franco Architecture Studio
Cannabis ERCPD Center (Educational, research, Cultivation, Processing and Distribution)
Analyzing the requirements and the parameters at hand, considering we live in a country that on one hand, prohibits the recreational use of cannabis to its variations, and on the other, acting so boldly and intensively to research cannabis, its wide range of possible uses and applications, development of products directly and indirectly related to it, we have decided to create an iconic building, which will work hand in hand with the overall mission led by the government, educational institutions, and private entities to learn, and identify the true potential of this mysterious plant.

We have designed a building consists of three main levels, spreading its program floorplan like a leaf to be able to expose as much surface area as possible to the sun. In order to become a significant link in the bigger chain of cannabis public consciousness, we have decided to host the main functions in our Cannabis ERCPD Center. Activities such as: Classes re all issues at hand, educational seminars for both the public and the medical community, testing, growing, processing and distributing of medical approved materials to authorized license holders.

Each level encompasses unique functions based on specific needs and or restrictions applied by local law.

The building is located on a cliff on the North West part of Israel coast line. The structure descends down to sea level height and acts as a biological entity. It can decrease or increase in size as per specific location restrictions or developing requirements.

The general shape of the building was naturally extracted from a raw cannabis leaf contour which was then morphed in multiple stages into an amorphic shape that supports the flow of a continuous uneven surface which functions both as a roof and a bio skin that protects the interior precious fragile organs, and supply them with green energy collected with a system of skin-like flexible solar panels. The sea water processed through salt water desalination systems located at the bottom of the lower level; provide constant supply of fresh water for irrigation.

We have chosen to emphasize a 5th façade to comply with the recent technological development of hi rez satellite imagery solutions, and commercial and private sector use of drones for distribution purposes.

The fifth façade also acts as huge hi tech flexible solar panels surface which provides the research center a portion of its energy usage.


 10000 mq
 Ariel Isaac Franco Architecture Studio
 Ariel Isaac Franco, Reut Ino


Ariel Isaac Franco Architecture Studio is a boutique architecture and design firm led and owned by Ariel Isaac Franco, and is a part of A. Franco ltd Group which is offering services such as Project design, Project management, Construction, and a full Design-Build solution.
Ariel has got his degree in Architecture at SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) in Los Angeles, CA.
The firm currently designs projects and operates both in Israel and in the US, and specializes in high-end private residential houses and small-scale boutique high rises.
We believe in “Form Follow Function” and each and every project is unique, so are the location, the surroundings, and the core natural elements that react to it. Designing based on that methodology, we are doing a lot of experimental work, testing new materials and applications, while pushing the limits of conventional design.

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