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ReCS Architects
The building was built in Sao Goncalo do Amarante, 60 km from Fortaleza, Brazil.
For two years, Recs has been designing the world’s first smart city in social housing.
In 2016 we entered the third phase of development with the preparation of the urbanization of a first batch for 10,000 people.
This is a private initiative, in addition to the general master plan and the type of houses to be built, we have been commissioned the sales showroom, commissioned specifically by the client for the purpose of commercializing the housing product.
The request from the developers was to represent some concepts considered, rightly, more important than functional ones.
First of all, the building had to represent the courage of the company that decided to operate in this difficult context, it had to be the precursor building of an entire city and at the same time to represent its spirit.
It was necessary that it was smart and that it was the representation of its use (which, curious fact, is to represent something), finally the building had to be designed to be sold, at the end of its function, to the Municipal Administration and then possess a public, collective character.
We have tried to represent the key concepts through the architectural form.
In order to translate the courage of the promoter society, we have chosen to make a building that is essential in its forms and colors, which does not have a mimetic character with the surrounding nature but which, courageously, knew how to come into contact with the context in a different way.
It is essential to imagine the two historical times in which the building is confronted with the surroundings. That of preparation for the construction of the city and that of the completed city.
Its simplicity also solves the problem of future use.
It is a space enclosed between two floors, the lower one deliberately lifted from the ground, as if to recreate a covered and sheltered square by the sun, a place therefore strongly public in its conception.
To give an answer instead to the reason why it was built and that is to promote a large-scale real estate intervention we have devised a device that allows privileged views around: to represent this concept the external face is “broken” by six visual telescopes ( seven with access to the show room), underlined by large windows projecting outwards, which offer “targeted” points of view on the new city, now under construction, tomorrow ended.
These large windows from the inside act as screens in which they pass, like video, real images of the object for which it was built: the city.
A loop between what it represents and is represented.
Also inside the layout represents the idea.
The plant has a museum matrix, (here the museum world is borrowed as the maximum expression of the concept of “exposing”) it winds through a circular path that starts and ends at the same point, to accompany the visitor-client through the stages of his experience: in the reception for the reception, in the project area for the vision of the future realization through blow-ups, plastics and drawings, in the video area to appreciate the proposals in 3D simulations, in the commercial area to have a first contact with the sellers, in the private area to sign the contacts and finally in the reception for greetings and thanks.
Making good architecture and believing in its evocative potential means being able to change society, changing people’s way of perceiving and thinking, means increasing their well-being.
Through the architecture you can generate emotions that the study will try to manage from time to time, with respect to the context and the different needs.
For these reasons and with the aspiration to these results it is important to convince our customers that it is never obvious to operate in the world through architecture but it is important to be aware of the consequences that such an important gesture of great responsibility involves.


 Croatà, Fortaleza
 Planet Idea
 936 mq
 ReCS Architects
 Pier Maria Giordani (group leader), Giulia Campanini, Giulio Lusvardi
 SG Desenvolvimento
 SG Constructora
 Graniti Fiandre, Eliane Ceramica, Impacto Protensao Alconort, Glass Maxi, Granprel Caucaia, Normatel, La Luz, Irismar Madeiras
 Victor Eleutério


ReCS ARCHITECTS was founded in 2011 by four architects who are experts in different fields of research ranging from architecture to urban planning.
These peculiarities allow us to approach the theme of living in such a way as to correctly identify the criticalities and potentialities of individual urban contexts and on these work to raise the "quality of life" of the inhabitants.
The acronym ReCS (Re City Size) is rethinking the dimension of the city: we imagine urban space as an intelligent, inclusive, livable, sustainable organism, participated by its invaluable human capital.
We revisit public architectural space, creating multicentric cities in natural contexts and using innovative technologies to make them "smart".
Theoretical concepts find application in Laguna Ecopark Brazil where we are building the first Smart City in social housing of the world, entirely designed by RECS ARCHITECTS: a city that is capable of responding to current and future housing problems.


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