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The metropolises, in general, are usually gray sceneries with practically no green areas, only with very few trees on sidewalks and parks. This distancing from nature, although real, is not what the people who live in it desire.
The project was based on the objective of joining the growth of the cities with the green of the nature, as an effective response to the current challenge of the sustainable reconstruction of our planet.
Thus, it is necessary to create a new Concept of Urban Building to solve these conflicts and provide benefits for the development of the city and offer quality of life to its population.
Nowadays the buildings in the cities, most of them, act as real obstacles blocking lighting and natural ventilation in the urban environment. These problems are linked to the nonexistent or insufficient distance of the lot boundaries, their disproportionate heights and total disregard of location, solar orientation and topography of the places that they are placed. Moreover, another point is the unbridled and unplanned growth of the cities that degrade and provoke insalubrious problems to the urban environment, harming the quality of life of the population.
The objective of the proposal is to recover the favorable conditions of living in a house in an innovative vertical configuration in a sustainable way, generating comfort and well-being to the users and being economically viable, thus generating a New Urban Building Concept, VVV - VILA VERDE VERTICAL (Green Vertical Village).
VVV is a distinct building with a striking and innovative architecture that respects not only who will inhabit it, but also the neighborhood and the city. It draws attention to its unique style, pioneer aspect, unprecedented visual and contemporary language. And its own identity marks the urban environment in an authentic and singular way.
The building consists of 6 blocks (5 residential and 1 commercial). Each block is a unit and has its own color in the building set. The blocks are arranged vertically one on top of the other, interspersed by suspended gardens full of vegetation, generating an attractive and unusual composition. The underground floor is intended for garages and playground. And the top of the building receives the functions of common use of the residents, party room and gym.
VVV's essence can also be interpreted as the stacking of 6 blocks in an unusual vertical physical configuration, forming the concept of "hanging houses" or "stacked houses". The result also offers a similar aspect of "penthouse apartments", one over the others.
The intention of the project is to transmit to the resident the feeling of living in a house. The "Apartment-House" concept seeks to offer a quality of life to its user by recovering the comfortable living conditions of a residence, associated to the security that the vertical configuration of a building provides.
The VVV´s sustainable architecture is committed to the urban planning issues. The empty spaces generated by the Terraces-Gardens with double-height ceilings create areas where natural illumination and ventilation permeate the building, contributing to the environmental and visual quality of the region.
The project integrates the vegetation to the facade of the building, incorporating the nature to the urban environment, a current global trend. Brings the green into the building in an intense and true way. Each unit has its own private and exclusive terrace, which was designed to be like a backyard of a residence .The Terraces-Gardens were created by the urban desire to live the green and are really external open spaces. They have 20 m2 and double-height ceilings, so it really has authentic terraces characteristics differently from common balconies of conventional buildings. They are external areas created to receive a lot of vegetation and to be the place of moments of leisure, conviviality and rest of the residents.
In relation to the internal layout of the floor plan, the Apartment-House adapts itself to the style of the users. It has the concept of open plan spaces that can be customized according to the resident necessities. All internal walls are "dry-wall" (with internal acoustic isolation) which easily enable customizations of the internal lay-out. All the units are double storey and have 167 m2 of total area, being: 74 m2 of internal area in the lower floor, 74 m2 of the upper floor and 20 m2 of the outside Terrace-Garden.
The combined use of proper construct techniques, constructions process, products and materials applied, aim the best performance and efficiency of the building, creating an internal comfortable and healthy space for the user.
VVV stands out for its technological innovation, sustainable strategies, eco efficient processes, eco construction and rationalization.
In the Sustainability aspect the VVV also stands out for the variety of solutions applied as: hybrid system of solar and wind power generation, natural climatization, capture and reuse of rain water, efficient natural illumination and ventilation, solar radiation control, thermo-acoustic windows, reuse of the air-conditioner water, double external walls, permeable floors and eco management system.
May the initiative of this project serve as a contribution to the sustainable development of Architecture and Civil Construction in the world... may this concept multiplies so the cities can have higher urban quality, be healthier and breathe better... so may the people have the sense of peace that only nature can give... and may it also serve as a constant message of the need of creating and developing a new and better urban environment and the environment preservation.


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FERRETTI RUGGERI ARQUITETURA is a company specialized in the design and development of architectural projects of buildings and operates mainly in the residential, commercial and real estate segment. The firm is headed by Ricardo Ferretti and Priscilla Ruggeri who are proprietary partners of the company, which has been operating since 2001 and have designed numerous architectural projects in Curitiba and many others cities in Brazil. It standings out by its unique and distinct building design, by the use of advanced computer graphics resources to present its projects, by the in-depth technical knowledge and by elaborating projects with a high degree of detail. Ferretti Ruggeri Arquitetura is also winner of several National and International Architecture Awards.

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