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It is located in Kaohsiung Taiwan. It combines with office, conference room and storage space. The office building is close to 28 meters road. The design is different from the conventional office which is with strict image. It tries to make the outlook of the building with fun. Combined with exposed floating concrete wall, it makes the massing floats to create visual effect of lightening the building and create more possibility of interior and outdoor extension; on the other hand. The floating concrete blocks the noisy and the glare from cars. It not only decreases the interruption from external environment, but also creates the private view and sense of security.
The green area is located at the retracted part below the building, and sets eaves in the large area of the opening, it reduces the rate of direct of sunlight to the indoor and plants plants for shade. It not only reduces the impact of radiant heat to the building, but also adjust microclimate by plants. The wall with metal material blocks the direct sunshine, and double layer wall reduces the influence from radiation heat to the building, thus achieving carbon reduction effect.
After disturbance is excluded, the exposed concrete above leads the modest daylight in, a comfortable light source can be provided indoor at day. The planted vegetation in the wall can provide interior view and generate fragrance to whole room when Osmanthus is blown by cold breeze at night.
A platform built at the entrance as a buffer provides emotional transition for visitors to feel stability. The second floor balcony above the platform is a living area for internal employees. It can provide opportunities to have interaction with the first floor balcony, whether it is dining, partying or chatting time. It can reduce the psychological burden caused by the height of floors and make the connection of each floor closer.
The second floor is a sofa zone built for maintaining employees’ relationship. It emphasizes on active public relationship to make the phenomenon in the office energetic. Combined with front and back balcony and corresponding with indoor and outdoor environment, it becomes a casual area. A lot of wooden materials are used to soften the blunt stereotype of office, make office users feel relaxing and self-belonging, moreover, it brings everyone together. A logwood growing from the first floor outside the CEO's office unfolds the leaves gracefully and paints in front of the black tongue-and-groove plate to vibrant the original dark alley.


 KCI Group
 1297 mq
 Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute
 Kuo-Min Lee


Keng-Fu Lo is the managing director of the Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute. His firm was founded in 1997. He has won 120 international awards including the World Architecture Festival Award. He was also on the shortlist for the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors. His accolades include 8 German Design Awards, 6 American Architecture Prizes, 2 International Property Awards (U.K), Spark Design Awards, JCD Design Award, IDA Design Awards, and the IIDA Global Excellence Awards. His firm has successfully completed numerous projects including architecture and interior design for retail, office, residential, recreation centres and more. Keng-Fu Lo believes it is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in his designs, from architecture to the interior. He strives for a close relationship between the environment, architecture, space and people.

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