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This is a future project, a winery for a prominent Croatia winemaker, to be built in the heart of Slavonia, the continential Croatia winemaking area. The site is situated in the beautiful Vallis aurea, or The Golden valley, where lush slopes of town of Pozega valley have been shaped by massive glaciers moving south away from surrounding hills and Orljava river. Hospitable elevation, predominantly southern exposition and continental climate properties, including gradual transition from summers into autumns, and autumn average temperature exceeding springtime one, comprise conditions ideally suited to winegrowing.

We have often asked ourselves how would we react upon receiving an ideal job comission, while dealing with everyday practice, facing the lifestyles and preferences of the new social elites, as well as economic, urbanistic, legislative and technological parameters which affect the building.
Our work is known for acknowleging the limitations while offering the cultural contribution.
Upon the receiving the winery job commision, the main question was how to build in an perfectly intact environment, knowing the nature is the greatest authority? The answer, for us, was by treating it with respect.
While designing, spontaneously, we rejected the idea of a house dominating over the environment. In time, we managed to convince the client and other participants of the building process too.
Then we started to consider mimicry design. We have realized we do not want to build a visible house, but to leave the nature as it is and use the existing hill to house the winery, carving the hill only where necessary.
The decision seemed reasonable and justifiable in a sense of energy and technology;
consistency of temperature, humidity, light, is being solved in a natural way, which suits the main inhabitant of the house- wine.
The site area is 14 750 sq. meters and floor area is 3350 sq.m., on three floors. The building houses production area, display and tasting area. All is to be built in concrete, walls are massive concrete, roofed by green roof, outer elements paved in stone. The plan of the building is concentric. The winery will serve as a touristic landmark also, having tours to show the wine production, as well as tasting the delicious pinot noirs.
The idea is to build a touristic village nearby sometime in future. The area close to the winery is a protected bird reservation.


 3350 mq
 Dva arhitekta


Tomislav Curkovic, born in 1961, Zagreb. Graduated from The Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb.
In 1992. founds architecture office DVA ARHITEKTA, together with Mr Zoran Zidaric. Zoran Zidaric was born in Sibenik in 1962. Graduated from Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb. Until 1991. worked as freelance architect.Awards:
- 1992. special annual award "Bernardo Bernardi" for interior, from CROATIAN ARCHITECTS' ASSOCIATION
- 1993. annual award "Bernardo Bernardi" for interior, from CROATIAN ARCHITECTS' ASSOCIATION
- 1994. special interior award at "Zagreb Salon"
- 1995. annual award "Bernardo Bernardi" for interior, from CROATIAN ARCHITECTS' ASSOCIATION
- 2011. “Drago Galic” award for Family estate in Herzegovina
- 2011. “Wienerberger Brick Awards ‘12” nominee
- 2011, 2012,2013. international “Cemex” award in Mexico. 2013. “Mies van der Rohe” nominee 2013.“Wienerberger Brick Awards ‘14” nominee


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