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Avenier Cornejo architectes + Gausa Raveau actarquitectura

Housing  /  Completed
Avenier Cornejo architectes + Gausa Raveau actarquitectura

Urban Insertion

Scale alternations for a better understanding of the setting

The site is an integral part of the Parisian multi-urban network, the Grande Couronne, the predominant green spaces and the infrastructural network. The Clichy-Batignolles ZAC stands as a new urban landscape liaison element, an essential urban portal along the peripheric territorial arc, just by the historic city.
The site thus becomes an important urban platform, a place of exchange in the relational-spaces web organization of Paris. It shall serve as connection point for the various territorial, urban, environmental, social and cultural scales.
The ZAC thus becomes a reverberation and multi-urban transfer device.
The Clichy-Batignolles ZAC and the Martin Luther King Park consolidate into a vast relational space. It is an interface of connecting lines and urban relations: lines of force, lines of flux, and lines of interaction.
The project echoes the adjacent buildings, fitting the surroundings by virtue of its elegant and homogenous composition.

A Transversal Unit

One of the project’s fundamental features is an almost complete opening through the parcel, perpendicular to the Martin Luther King Park. This aperture virtually serves as an extension of the park. It stretches the green area to the centre of the parcel and beyond until the Lot E9.
This facilitates the reciprocal visibility between the latter and the park. The educational facility and the housing units have thus a relatively clear view of the park.
A high level of transparency was attained on the lower levels in order to maximize the connection between the park and the street.

Desire for views and a compact body

This opening also results from an environmental scheme developed in the project early stages of the project. This arrangement entails the design of thicker blocks than in the case of a U arrangement.
The resulting buildings are thus dense and compact; this design reduces energy inefficiencies.
Moreover the scheme avoids all potential mono-oriented housing units facing the street. The units all benefit of a view on the park and convenient natural light.

Moving Masses

The two housing blocks are split into multiple variable height volumes, the highest building rising 50m above the ground. These unique volumes are superimposed and then shifted to create a dynamic form.
The idea was to create a sense of movement rather than a static volumetry, a rhythmically punctuated ensemble rather than fixed and solid blocks. These shifted volumes contribute to the creation of outdoor spaces and suit the rules of urbanism.
The design strategy for the project was expressly developed to avoid the IGH classification of the construction.


 LinkCity & Altarea Cogedim
 16000 mq
 Christelle Avenier, Miguel Cornejo, Florence Raveau, Manuel Gausa
 Mickael Dominguez, Vicky Lenz, Joachim Bakary, Olivier Saramito
 LinkCity & Altarea Cogedim
 Forgue, CFERM, Boutté, Bassinet Turquin (landscape)


Avenier Cornejo Architectes

Christelle Avenier and Miguel Cornejo (born in Chile) founded their firm in Paris in 2008, after finishing their studies at the École supérieure de Paris Malaquais.
They were selected as one of the "Europe 40 under 40" 2014 architecture firms, which awards emerging young architects. They were also nominated for the 2015 Mies van der Rohe Award and the French award "Équerre d'argent" 2014 for the project "Les Lilas".

Gausa Raveau actarquitectura

GAUSA RAVEAU actarquitectura is a studio of architecture, urbanism and landscape in Barcelone-Spain, founded under the name of Actar Arquitectura in 1994 and led since 2004 by Manuel Gausa, together with Florence Raveau.


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