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Housing  /  Future
Responding directly to the multi-culture of Istanbul this scheme is conceived to regenerate a part of the city with the creation of a green area upon where the residential, office and retail are developed.

This allows for the development of a new public realm between the residential and office towers with commercial offer at ground level. The garden continues to the roof of the commercial podium becoming the private gardens for the housing.

The iconic office building with his shape movement and his dialogue with the housing block will emphasize the importance of the project in surrounding neighborhood increasing the current rejuvenating effect in the area.


 Istanbul/ Turkey
 0 mq
 Eduaedo MArvao, Manuel Paradiz


Nef is a design oriented real estate compant based in Istanbul, Turkey. Since its foundation, Nef has sought innovations for people who seek a better and an aesthetically more beautiful life. With this belief, Nef has embraced a responsibility to create awareness and to provide social, cultural, environmental, economic benefits to the society.
Nef has won 19 international and national awards in various categories such as the most innovative company, the best design in residential and office developments, the best marketing campaign and the best development website, in 2015 only, Nef has been acclaimed as one of Turkey’s most innovative companies with 18 patents pending innovations such as Foldhome and Guaranteed Project.

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