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Minimal Solutions for Trendy Interiors

Stesi Headquarters

Minimal Solutions for Trendy Interiors
By Redazione The Plan -

Founded as a furniture manufacturer in 1991, Quadrifoglio Group has broadened its horizons over the course of time such that today, the company also designs and manufactures living and lighting solutions, and offers its customers a turnkey, customer-focused service. It is precisely the latter that Stesi, an IT company, opted for, entrusting Quadrifoglio Group with the realization of the offices in its Treviso headquarters. The Group’s professionals took care of every aspect of the project: from the division of space, to the selection of the right products to meet the specified functional and esthetic needs, to the production and implementation of the project. Covering a total of 450 sq. m, all parts of the project – a reception area, an open space, two executive offices, two meeting rooms and a dining area – share a single minimalist style, characterized by trendy finishes and a sober and calming color palette, ensuring the impeccable formal cleanliness ideal for a work environment. 
The fully lacquered Z1 reception desk in Pigeon Blue and Telegrey was used in the entrance area, paired with the Diade Rock chair in black and the Astro armchairs with an Umbra Grey frame and Sugar Paper color fabric upholstery. The same chair, but in grey, was also used in the open space areas, while for the workstations, the choice was X3 desks, a model characterized by a light, linear structure with conical legs that make it quite unique. For the Stesi project, the desks were selected with a cement-colored melamine top and shadow grey frame, complete with accessories. These were flanked by bench shelves, fitted with sound-absorbing front panels for maximum acoustic comfort, and finished in a Sugar Paper color to match the cabinets. A few blind walls made with Anthracite linen separate the operations area from the two meeting rooms: the one to be used for training is outfitted with Close chairs, while the one for meetings is furnished with Dekora Soft chairs and an X8 executive table, which has a distinctive branched leg design. The executive offices also use the primary geometries of X8, in Umbra Grey and with a glass top, in combination with a variety of solutions: one of the combinations has Dekora Soft executive chairs and P1 wall system, while the other has Diva Soft chair, P1 paneling and additional storage. Finally, Practika tables and Close chairs for collectivity are used for the canteen (or dining) space. The entire ecosystem was designed to meet Stesi’s needs, with ideal solutions for each space to accommodate the different activities that take place there throughout the day. 

Via Cornaré, 12 – I – 31040 Mansuè (TV) 
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